Yesterday’s Outfit I

Good morning! I’m really happy where my blog is right now and I would like to take it to the next level. I am pleased to announce that I will now be posting 3 times per week! So you can expect posts every Tuesday, Saturday and now Thursdays as well! To make my life easier and to have structure to my blog (I do have a full time job ya know), Thursdays will be strictly fashion. I will be doing a series called Yesterday’s Outfit where I’ll be documenting what I wore the day before (duh). Fingers crossed this will work out, I mean ever since doing this Capsule Wardrobe I’m doing a lot less shopping so I do have loads more time on my hands.


Jacket (can’t find link!)-Topshop

Blouse (similar)-Topshop



I just wanted to mention something. I never thought I would ever sport a pair of trousers. Yes, I was on the lookout for pants that weren’t jeans. I was thinking maybe a coated pant, or maybe a legging? When I first saw these pants they immediately reminded me of old man. But in the end, they’re so comfortable. They give off a really nice shape without being skin tight. I’ve always liked anything high waisted and the gray print matches everything! So overall I love them.  

Let me know if you would ever wear a trouser like this, and if so how do you style them? Is it weird with my kind of boot?

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