Yesterday’s Outfit II.

Good morning everybody! Notice something different? Yep! I dyed my hair! This month my salon was doing a 50% off anything you’ve never tried before promotion. I had never dyed my hair and thought it was the perfect opportunity. I had been to my hairdresser a couple of times and she’s never let me down so I thought, why not? I have another outfit post for you quite contrary to last weeks. I didn’t have to go into the city for work so I kept it casual. I had a day filled with running tiny errands, working on blogposts & walking Nelly. This is something that I like to wear when I know I’ll be staying home most of the day but will eventually pop out a couple of times.



As you can see I’m wearing a simple tight black long sleeve shirt I got at Simons. I go to Simons for all my basic undershirts. They have every color and the quality is great. I’ve had this shirt for over 2 years and it still hasn’t lost it’s shape. My overalls (I know, I’m mentioning them again) are by Daisy Street which I got off ASOS. If you’d like to see more ways to style them & the link check out my blog post Overalls 3 Ways. These are great for doing chores around the house. I personally like to do a little DIY in them (hint hint to Saturdays blog post).

On days I’m not going to work I keep my makeup to a minimum and allow for my face to breath. I put on a very natural eye shadow, mascara and my favorite red lipstick which is Revlon’s Toast of New York, check out my Favorite Red Lipsticks post to find out more about it 🙂


Guysssss yesterday I went into Homesense and bought Christmas decorations and some Christmas gifts! Is the end of October too early? What’s your opinion? You snooze you lose!

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