Winter Capsule Wardrobe.


So this post is a mess. I tried to make it look as organized as possible. Some of the clothes are on me and some of them are done through the app Stylebook. They’ll all look the same one day. Don’t worry!

I did it! I went about two and a half months with out shopping for clothes! That might be easy for some people but for a shopaholic like me it was quite difficult. The best piece of advice I have for you if you wish to start a capsule wardrobe and restrain from shopping for three months is to try “screen shopping” (yes I invented this term, similar to window shop but on your computer). I would “screen shop” for hours and place items in my online basket but when it came time to check out I just wouldn’t.

The last week of November I reassessed my wardrobe. I took the items that weren’t appropriate for winter and either threw them away, donated them or put them away for the seasons to come. So I was living with half a wardrobe seeing what pieces I actually needed.

What I’ve learned…

  • There were definitely a few flaws in my Autumn wardrobe which I’ve learned from. Next year I need to add a warmer jacket no matter how warm I think it is. By the beginning of October I froze in the jackets I had.
  • I don’t really need to have so many T-shirts in my Autumn wardrobe. There were many that I didn’t wear, instead I needed a thick sweater.
  • I had money for other things. By going 3 months without clothing shopping I was able to furnish my home in time for the holidays! I was able to buy a dinning room table and chairs, a bar cart, new flatware and new dishes. Overall this capsule wardrobe has made me save SO much money from not buying clothes I was able to spend it on things I needed.


What I added: The new.

Since it is the holidays and I’m spending A LOT of money on gifts, I limited myself. I picked up a couple of main pieces I know I needed but I want to make sure I get all my holiday shopping done before buying more (hopefully I can catch the after Christmas sales). Everything I got was from Cyber Monday. Topshop was having a sale where all clothing was basically 20$ off. It was hard to not get more!

What I added: The old.

What I’m keeping from my current wardrobe:

What I’m donating:


These jeans are too raggedy for my liking but still keep a nice shape to them!


I put this sweater in the dryer one too many times. It’s a wee bit too short for me now but still in great condition!


Simply didn’t wear it enough!


I didn’t wear this skirt once! I felt very uncomfortable because it was wayyyyy too short.


What I’m capsuling:

What I moved to loungewear.

If my clothes are comfy but maybe have a hole in the armpit (like my beige sweater) I move them to my loungewear. I usually change into my loungewear when I’m done working and don’t have to leave the house anymore. I usually walk my dog in these clothes. If you have a dog you’ll understand waking up and throwing anything on to take your dog out!


What I still need:

Like I said, I won’t be doing anymore shopping until after Christmas (hoping to catch the boxing day sales!) but there are two pieces that have been on my mind. A stripe sweater (will go with anything) and a warm black jacket. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled!

Are you guys interested in seeing a formal wear capsule wardrobe? Or maybe winter accessories? Maybe it would be a good idea before the New Years?

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