Winter Capsule Wardrobe Update//Sale Finds

Hey everyone! I know Thursdays is when I usually post my outfits but I have been recently under the weather and can’t gain enough strength to go outside in what most people would consider miserable weather (I personally love rain & snow) let alone be in front of a camera in my yucky state. So, I thought I would provide you with an updated capsule wardrobe//what I got for Christmas//sale finds if that’s cool? Everything I got was on sale, I’m really trying to watch my money this year! I was a good girl and returned some things that didn’t work for me (which I don’t tend to do, I usually let them live in my closet until it’s too late). Before shopping, I made sure to go through my old stuff and take away what I no longer needed. I also made a list of what I did need…didn’t exactly stick to it, but hey, I tried.

Do you guys go out for boxing day sales? I don’t. I plant myself on my couch starting at midnight and shop from the comfort of my own home. With this post so can you! I’ve linked all my sale finds and Winter Capsule wardrobe items down bellow using Collective Style. This literally saved me sooo much time!  Only problem is, they don’t have some stores that I shop at frequently like for example ZARA. I’ve kindly linked my ZARA purchases down below. I may have gotten a bit carried away and bought two Spring jackets…but in my opinion it’s totally worth it with the amazing sales this time of year. And to be fair, they are both black so I know I’ll get use out of them. Enjoy!

ZARA Black Coat: I wanted a long black coat for the Spring// Fall seasons because currently all of my jackets are colored. Nothing wrong with color! It’s just I have a hard time matching them to my clothes. I wanted one that could go with everything. This coat is simple with a nice leather detail around the collar and cuffs. I’ve promised myself to not wearing it until Spring, the tag is staying on! I’m technically capsuling this jacket before I even wear it. Is that even aloud?

ZARA Fleecy Interior Coat: If I do say so myself, Winter in Montreal hasn’t been very cold. I have a very warm parka jacket which I would usually wear everywhere; to walk Nelly, run errands & travel to work. This year I’ve been getting way too hot (maybe my body temperature raised from taking a multivitamin). I wanted an alternative lighter jacket. This one is still thick and warm but not down filled like my parka. When I wear it I don’t get overheated travelling by metro or running errands. Bonus, it’s way nicer than my parka.

Topshop Faux Leather Jacket: When I saw the sale on this jacket I didn’t believe it. I even went to a lady working asking if there was a mistake. Again this is for the Spring//Fall seasons but I couldn’t not get it. A leather jacket is a wardrobe essential and I didn’t have one (yes I’m proving to you that not only did I want this jacket but I needed it). First of all the quality of Topshop is superb (I’m amazed by the weight of this jacket) and secondly there’s black faux fur around the collar which makes it look oh so very luxurious. By far the best sale find this season.

Madewell Striped Long Sleeve: I’d been in the market for a striped shirt for a while now. They’re so simple and go with everything. This one from Madewell is the most flattering I’ve been able to find. It looks great with jeans hanging out or tucked in. I can’t tell if it’s blue or black though. I’ve been asking a couple of people and I get mixed answers. Lets settle on Navy.

Topshop Pyjama Blouse: Again, you must check out Topshop’s end of season sale. This blouse was around 30$! This black with polka dots blouse is so minimal and flattering. When I first got it I wore it basically everyday. Highly recommend if you’re in the market for a nice collared blouse. I was surprised at how well it washed, usually this material tends to run and pull but it hasn’t yet. Still looks in tip top shape!

Black Timberlands: Ryon was kind enough to get these for me for Christmas! I was so surprised when I opened them. Now we have matching boots haha. It’s so nice wearing a pair of boots that are so warm, waterproof and stylish. They go with every jacket I own and from what I hear they last a very long time.

*Some items of my capsule wardrobe are no longer online//out of stock. I’ve provided you with something similar. Enjoy!