Winter Capsule Wardrobe Fail.

Hey everyone! Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I have some bad news! I have broken the capsule wardrobe rules and bought two sweaters! But hey, both sweaters were on sale and at least it wasn’t a shopping spree. I’ve just been a bit bored of my sweaters lately. I’ve had 2 chunky knits for almost 3 years now, they’ve looked like they’ve had better days. I thought it was time for an upgrade. Overall I’m happy because I know that I needed them, they’ll go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe and they make me happy!

I got both sweaters from Aritzia (I’ll leave the links down below) and I am so happy with the textures and quality. You know some knit sweaters just itch you like crazy? That’s definitely one of my pet peeves. Both are super thick and soft. I wore the one in the first image yesterday under my jacket and almost had to take my coat off while outside! The quality and warmth was better than expected. I don’t have many clothes from Aritzia I always thought everything was over priced. I will definitely be shopping their again I now know that the quality is worth every cent.


Remember that jacket I had bought a couple of weeks back and said I would keep the tag on (click here if you don’t remember) until my Spring Capsule wardrobe? Well, I wore it. It’s been ridiculously warm here in Montreal and 2 days last week I neeeeeeded a lighter jacket, so I gave in.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my Spring capsule wardrobe (starting March 1st). Looking at my wardrobe I’d say it’s pretty complete. The only thing I can think of adding is a new pair of light wash jeans to replace the ones that got a rip in the thigh (probably from too many Christmas cookies). I’ll probably buy the exact same pair to be honest, love them! Other than that something else I’ll be needing is a pair of sneakers. I’ve been thinking of getting  black Nikes not for the gym but for running errands. Or maybe Supergas because I like how minimalist they are. Of course I would have to get a pair with a mini platform! What do you think of them? Everything on my wish list is linked down below!