Updated Fall Capsule Wardrobe.

Hello! So as promised here is my updated capsule wardrobe! Here are my jackets, forgotten pieces  and pieces recently added to complete my wardrobe (click on each piece to enlarge).

So as you can see the top row is all of my jackets. I took brand new pictures because the last ones did NOT turn out great. On the left I have a light rain jacket, a must if you have a dog. In the middle I have my faux suede pink jacket, appropriate for night outs. Lastly on the right is my army green everyday jacket that I wear when running errands and going to work. I’m happy with the dose of color here 🙂

Like I mentioned in my Fall Capsule Wardrobe I felt like I was missing two things, a pair of black boots and a pant other than jeans. I have finally found both! On the bottom left are my  new boots! So my old boots that I’ve been wearing have returned to my work locker. My new boots are classic black with a pointy toe shape. They are an ideal height for running errands and just browsing all day. They are very versatile for they can be worn with almost all my clothes. Not going to lie, at first they are really awkward to walk in, something I hadn’t noticed in store. But they are getting better the more I wear them. Next are my new trousers. If you want to see how I style them check out Yesterday’s Outfit I. And lastly, my favorite thing in my closet, my denim overalls! If you would like to see how I style them check out Overalls 3 Ways

P.S I forgot to include my Nike running shoes that I throw on when walking Nelly but I have a picture of them from my May Top 6. Obviously they don’t look this clean anymore, oops!


What I’ve learned…

I underestimated how cold Autumn could be, it’s quite chilly here in Montreal. A thicker jacket is needed! Technically I’m supposed to wait until December 1st until I swap my wardrobe but hey, I’m a newb, I’m still learning. But at least I’m all set, I shopped the jacket sales last year so I have plenty of cozy ones to choose from. And yes, since it’s getting cold I’m taking note of what I will be missing when it comes time for my winter capsule wardrobe. I will be needing at least two warm sweaters, many of mine are looking very raggedy and another (one of my favorites) unfortunately has a hole in the armpit. Also, I will be needing another pair of pants. My new trousers are perfect for spring and fall but I’m afraid I’ll be too cold in the winter. So closer to December 1st I’ll be on the hunt for a coated pant or a legging. On another note, right now my count is 38 items (I’m 1 item over), but there are many items that I have never worn since I started this experiment.

Not sure yet but you might be seeing an update on my updated capsule wardrobe where I’ll be removing pieces & adding a warmer jacket, I want to get it just right.

Let me know if the stylebook app is a better way to display my capsule wardrobe, or do you prefer a picture of me wearing the clothes? Maybe a mix of both? I want your input.

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