Travel Diary: Out & About in London

Okay…so I lied. Blogging each city of my trip was an unrealistic goal. I thought I could do everything and write about it. Instead, I barely touched my laptop (unless it was for directions-still managed to get lost despite them). I lived every moment of my trip and worked on myself the entire time. Going into this trip I was happy to do it alone. Now when I look back I realize I was never alone. I met so many amazing people. Being alone forced me out of my comfort zone. I wanted to meet people everywhere I went and felt so happy when others let me tag along with them 🙂

London was the first stop on my trip! I had been there before so it was a  comfortable city to start with. I took a flight to Toronto and then to Gatwick. Flying alone was stressful. I haven’t flown a whole lot in my life so I was never 100% sure of anything. Since I took an over night flight I just closed my eyes the whole time to preserve my energy. Something hilarious happened to me while at Gatwick airport. I accidentally tried paying for snacks with pesos! I had a stash of pounds from my last Euro trip. Little did I know that they were mixed with pesos. This situation is something my family would call a Samantha-ism. To be fair, I was extremely jet lagged. I found it funny rather than embarrassing- the lady at the cash thought otherwise.

While in London I visited places I’d never explored before. I went to Covent Garden, Carnaby Street, Camden Market & Notting Hill.

I had quite the adventure trying to find Covent Garden. The map that the hostel provided was missing some streets which made me very confused. It got the point where I was so lost an old man took a look at my face (I must have looked quite puzzled) and offered to help me. I told him I was going to Covent Garden and he said I was about 20min away…lol. I was so far that he ended up walking me there so I wouldn’t get lost again! It was very kind of him. Spoiler alert-throughout my trip I ended up being very good at directions, promise. When I had arrived at Covent Garden it wasn’t at all what I expected. I hoped it would be full of people. Instead it was a ghost town and most of the shops were closed. Maybe it didn’t help that I went on a Wednesday. I ended up doing a free walking tour on the Saturday which started in Covent Garden. Unlike Wednesday it was busy with loads of shoppers and street performers, everything I hoped it would be.

Victoria & Albert Museum-aka the most beautiful marble I ever did see…

The most Instagramable ice cream truck EVER.


Liberty London.

Notting Hill.

Nottinghill was by far my favorite place I visited inEngland. Now again, it was quite the journey to get there. I was very optimistic and thought the 2hr walk there would be a breeze (I hadn’t considered the 2hr walk back…). After almost getting run over not once, but twice I finally arrived in what I thought was the most serene area I’d ever visited. It was nice to get out of the constant hustle and bustle of London. My day consisted of taking way too many pictures of pretty colored houses and walking into every antique and vintage shop possible at the Portobello Road Market. Nottinghill was everything I had expected. Despite being an extremely overpriced neighbourhood I could totally picture myself living there one day!