Support Local Cafes.

I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to Starbucks. I’ve known for a long time and yes, many people have brought it up. I go everyday before work, it’s become a habit. On the days when I don’t work I will also make a trip to the Starbucks down the road.The baristas know my order. If I tell them I don’t want an ice coffee, they already know I’ll be ordering either a green tea latte or a chai latte. THAT’S how often I go.

I recently went to Leaves Cafe with my friend Jasmine. It’s a vegan cafe located on the De la Montagne in downtown Montreal. It was quite small but the white walls made it seem open and airy. The also sell plants and have books that you can read while you’re there. I ordered a matcha Latte made with coconut milk and it was SO good. I also got a slice of vegan banana bread which was amazing as well. It was much cheaper then chain cafes, you could tell that the banana bread was homemade and not frozen AND the barista put a freakin’ dragon on my matcha latte (it was only like 3-4$???? Amazing). Yes it took longer than a chain cafe but you automatically know that they are trying to make the best drink possible. This dragon (or bird) literally made my day I tell you.


I thought about doing a month without buying coffee but lets face it, that’ll never happen haha. Theres nothing like running a couple of errands with a nice hot drink, especially in the fall. So instead, my goal of the month is to support local cafes instead of chains. There are so many benefits!

  1. You’ll save money. We all know Starbucks can get be expensive.
  2. You’ll support the local economy. The money stays in the community where it belongs instead of in the pockets of corporations.
  3. The shops are more creative and unique. So basically you’ll discover trendy spots perfect for your Instagram account haha.

I have nothing against Starbucks, I freakin’ love it. I just thought it would be a cool experiment to explore local businesses for a month. I’ve already been back to Leaves Cafe 3 times since, they do not disappoint!

If you live in Montreal do you have any recommendations as to where else to go? And who wants to do this challenge with me?

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  • Eb

    I am so down to discover cool cafés!!!

  • I never go to starbucks, I actually prefer to stop by local coffee shops, starbucks would be a last resort.

  • I couldn’t agree more! I love supporting local cafes and in Vancouver, we have a ton of them! While I do enjoy my Starbucks when I am on the go, I prefer local Cafe’s when I am meeting a friend 🙂