Skin Care Routine.

I have always had bad skin. Through my teen years I literally tried every prescription and non-prescription cream available to help my acne go away. It even got to the point where I would take pills to rid my acne (which is definitely more common these days). I didn’t like the fact that I was putting chemicals in my body as well as on my skin. So for the past couple of years I started caring about what I put in and on my body. I now rely on mostly natural product and a healthy diet to keep my skin looking healthier. I thought I would share my everyday products as well as occasional products that I use on my skin. I’ll first stat off with the everyday.

The everyday body wash I use is Live Clean Green Earth Invigorating Body Wash. It smells SO good. I always shower in the morning so I’m a fan of fresh invigorating scents that wake me up (I tend to save sweet and warmer scents for baths at night!) and this body wash does exactly that. It fills my bathroom with the smell of lavender and eucalyptus, so it basically smells like a spa. 98% of this body wash is derived from plants, it is vegan and not tested on animals which is very important to me :). I highly recommend it!


The everyday face wash that I use is Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser. I am an overall huge fan of Sunday Riley Products. I like the story behind her brand and the fact that she uses lots of natural ingredients that work. Fun fact, she’s also a chemist so I trust that she know’s what she’s doing! This is the BEST cleanser I have ever used in my life, and trust me I’ve tried a lot. It leaves my skin looking and feeling like porcelain. It does not irritate my skin or make it dry and tight. Right after this cleanser I put on the Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream as my moisturizer.I’ve always found it difficult to find a moisturizer that feels good on my skin for many leave my skin feeling thick, oily or make me break out. This does the opposite. It absorbs into my skin right away and has never caused a break out, in fact it has made my skin look plumper and brighter. Personally though, I do find this to be very strong compared to most of  her other products I’ve tried. A little goes a long way so I only put it on my T-zone and where I tend to get dry patches.



Now onto my occasional skin care products…

My all time favourite skin care product is Luna by Sunday Riley. This is a retinol sleeping night oil which I use occasionally every 2-3 nights. This product has never let me down. Whenever I have an important event to go to I know I can rely on Luna the night before to make my skin look good. It is no joke a blemish/scar eraser. The first time I ever used Luna I got a compliment on my skin the next day…that’s how you know it’s a good product! I know Sunday Riley products are pricey  (and smell VERY weird…but I like it) but when it comes to my skin and the journey it’s had I will no doubt continue to use these products. I’ve never loved taking the time to do a full out skincare routine but when you find products you love it makes it a whole lot easier. I give all of her products a 10/10. 


Sometimes my skin just REALLY needs a scrub. Especially with change of season the weather can leave your skin feeling like you have a layer of grit on it. Whenever my skin feels like this I turn to my Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. I actually got this in my Ipsy Glam bag a couple of months back (which is why its so tiny in the pictures!) but I will definitely be purchasing the full size. This scrub makes my skin feeling SO soft and again it is made with natural ingredients which is very important to me. I like knowing that natural healthy ingredients are being absorbed into my skin instead of chemicals.


When my skin is severely dehydrated (mostly in the winter time) I use the Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask. I tend to be very impatient when it comes to skin care. I never want to sit around for an hour and wait for a mask to absorb into my skin. So this Origins mask is perfect for me. It is quick, easy and smells great which is a bonus. Just realized that I seem to be drawn to green products!

Last but not least are my two body shop products which have the cutest packaging. I use the Fuji Green Tea Scrub as well as the Fuji Green Tea Body Butter every 2-3 days. Again, like all of my products these have a very fresh scent. As for the body butter, it doesn’t feel thick on my skin, it is light and makes me feel refreshed in the morning. I prefer this scrub because it has an almost whipped-gel like texture contrary to thick creamy scrubs. And as you can see I am almost done mine and will for sure be purchasing more. This duo is perfect for summer:)