Review: Lush Cruelty Free Eye Makeup.

Can anyone relate to wearing mascara and feeling like you just sliced open an onion? I can. I went years wearing crappy drugstore eye makeup that would make my eyes itch, burn and by the end of the day I would look like a racoon. It’s not until I switched to natural makeup that I realized what was causing my eyes to burn all along, the chemicals. I have to say it’s very rare for me to do makeup reviews but I thought I’d share with you two amazing products that I’ve been using ever since my recent lifestyle change. As you know I am attempting to transition towards a more organic, less waste, minimal and vegan makeup collection. I’ve more recently been in love with Lush products because I admire what their brand stands for. They’re fighting against animal testing, their products are cruelty free, vegan and most of their packaging is recyclable. On top of that, their ingredients are purchased from suppliers who do not animal test. Something else I found important is that on the bottom of each recyclable glass jar there’s a sticker telling you when the products were made and when they expire.

Eyes Right Mascara in ‘True Jet Black’ 19.95 CAD/19.95 EUR . I was very open minded about this mascara. Unfortunately I was disappointed at first because the consistency was extremely wet and inky. Another downside is that the length of the applicators for both products are extremely short resulting in messy application. But because of my minimalist lifestyle and the fact that I didn’t want to spend money on anything new, I stuck to it. Surprisingly I was more impressed with every passing day because the mascara had dried up making it easier to apply. If you’re looking to add volume to your lashes this isn’t the mascara for you. The deep black colour makes the eyes pop and creates a natural appearance. My favourite thing about this mascara is that there’s no flakiness or smudging throughout the day!

Eyeliner in ‘Independent’ 24.95 CAD/18.95 EUR.  At first, like the mascara, I wasn’t impressed. The applicator is so tiny it was like trying to paint with a extremely short paintbrush. It’s not a pointed felt tip like most eyeliners, instead it’s similar to a nail polish applicator. This makes it very difficult to make a consistent line. And once you have the perfect line you’ll need to go over it twice. The learning process takes time but you get used to it! Unlike other eyeliners it’s so easy to take off. I think it’s partly due to aloe vera and jojoba oil being its two main ingredients.

To conclude, despite the poorly made applicators, these are two very good products. Looking at the online reviews I saw many others agree that the applicators are too short. I think if Lush rethought their packaging the product would be perfect! Yes, they’re expensive, but think of what you’re supporting! Personally, I think that for the price they last a long time. Both my mascara and eyeliner last a year since I purchased them. If you have any suggestions for natural eye makeup let me know 🙂

  • Pamela Lebeau

    Hey 🙂
    Is it lasting all day? Does it resist to heat/gym/dryness ? If yes, I’m in !

    • Yes! I’ve never had any problem 🙂 Even in the snow it doesn’t seem to smudge! xx