Plaits, Pancakes & Pyjamas

I am a major breakfast lover. And on the weekends I like to crank it up a bit and do something fancy. In the morning I usually wake up around 10 to have some me time. It’s important to have some time to think to yourself before the day starts. Personally I find cooking and baking extremely relaxing at this time of day. This morning I made pancakes…my all time favorite breakfast. Maybe it’s the maple syrup? The smell that fills up you house? Or the endless combination of toppings you can decorate them with. Summer is the best time for pancakes because berries are in season and taste oh so very delicious. I do love traditional pancakes but because of all the sugar and flour it doesn’t feel like I’m starting my day off right. So here is the pancake recipe I’ve been using that’s a better option (of course it depends on how much maple syrup you use!).

For my pyjamas this morning I was wearing this super cute shirt from Top Shop and some boxer shorts from Aerie. Braids have been my go to lately to keep my hair out of my face (especially while cooking). They’ve been perfect for lazy days or when going out, they are so versatile!


What you’ll need:

1 banana

2 eggs

1/3 cup of oats

dash of cinnamon

dash of cacao powder (optional)

1 tbsp of vegan butter (or regular butter)

fruit, coconut yoghurt, maple syrup & icing sugar to top (optional, feel free to mix it up)


Lets get to it!


Step 1. Mash banana in a bowl


Step 2. Whisk in the eggs with the banana until combined


Step 3. Blend oats in blender (I use a magic bullet) until fine


Step 4. Add oats, cinnamon and cacao powder to banana and egg mix and stir until well combined



Not to self: don’t ever wear white while cooking.


Step 5. Heat butter in frying pan and add 1/4 of the mix. When bubbles appear on the top it’s time to flip!



Step 6. Top with whatever you like!

IMG_9402IMG_9416IMG_9422IMG_9436IMG_9441IMG_9444 (1)

I hope you enjoy these pancakes! Let me know if you like them, I sure do:)



Nom Nom

Have an amazing weekend!

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