Overalls 3 Ways

Happy Tuesday everyone. Long time no blog. But today I have for you something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, Overalls 3 Ways! I dunno about you but I am currently loving this trend. It’s fun, casual and it is totally okay to look like your old self from the 90’s yassss. The overalls I will be styling today are by Daisy Street. I saw them on sale on ASOS and took the risk of buying them online, here is the link. I’m so happy with the way they fit, they were totally worth it. I never usually go for this light wash for a jean but then again I never thought I’d be sporting a pair of overalls in my 20’s. The wash plus the rips combined is sooooo classic. Lets get too it!

1. Crop tops and bralettes.


Many people have been sporting bralettes or even sports bras under their overalls it has become a major trend since it’s been a hot summer. Personally I prefer the white crop top because it isn’t as revealing. It has quite a high neck line as well which I find balances out proportions.

2.Classic solids & stripes


Nelly is definitely my best accessory here haha. I love adding solids & stripes to overalls because it makes the outfit look so effortless and casual. Stripes are a wardrobe essential, they can be paired with so much and bring a bit of pizzazz to any outfit. I also styled these overalls with a plain white T. If you have busy accessories, a white T can tone your outfit down a notch. Lastly I styled my overalls with a long sleeved black tight shirt. I like the contrast between the black and the light denim, it would look really great with a khaki jacket over top!

3. Treat them as if they’re a pair of jeans.


The winter here in Montreal is really cold! But that doesn’t mean I’ll be putting my overalls in the back of my closet, instead I can treat them as if they’re a pair of jeans. Ripped jeans add so much personality to an outfit and can make any outfit interesting. It’s a great way to make use of your old boring sweaters! I also find they look nice with a button down sweater overtop so people can still see that they’re overalls!

Overall (pun intended) I can’t wait to get my hands on another pair! Anyone else loving this trend and have any suggestions as to where I could buy some more? Is there any other way to style overalls?

P.S Excuse my orange skin, I think I got slightly burned on my run yesterday! And I’m getting my eyebrows done next week, for those of you who noticed hehe.

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