Outfit VII.

Ok, so I’ve had to edit this post. Originally I wrote how happy I was that the sidewalks were clear of snow and ice and that it was time to bring out my favorite heeled booties! Wrong. I woke up so disoriented this morning. My bedroom was dark so I assumed it was still night, turns out there was a sheet of ice covering my bedroom window, it was noon, oops. So as you can tell from these photos I’m wearing my booties but unfortunately I will not be wearing them again any time soon. A major freezing rain//snow storm has hit Montreal. I’m back in my heavy winter jacket and warm winter boots. But that’s ok, I love seeing Nelly happily playing in the snow, she loves it.

On a side note hope you all had a lovely weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve posted an outfit so I thought today was the day! Today’s outfit is a classic and can be worn to do anything whether it’s running errands or hanging out with friends. Everything is linked down below. If something is no longer in stock I’ve linked something similar for you!

*You can find a specific link to this jacket here. And I’ve done a blog post all about this sweater here*

Are you excited for my first video on Saturday? It’s filmed and ready to go up! Can’t wait.


  • Audree Kate

    I love this look! It’s my go-to for winter – I love layering blazers with sweaters for a comfy, but professional look! Have a great week love! xo