Outfit VI.

Morning everyone! Not sure about you, but it used to take me hours to choose an outfit, I simply couldn’t make up my mind. I would change my outfit ten times and end up choosing the first outfit I put on. It left me with nothing but a huge mess. With the capsule wardrobe experiment I find it exciting to pick an outfit. It’s literally a piece of cake when your wardrobe is so small and everything matches (mostly). It may not work for everyone but living with less is definitely working for me and lessening my clutter anxiety.

On a side note, thought I would inform you of something horrible that has happened! My favorite pair of jeans (my Levi’s Mile High Super Skinnies) have a hole in the inner thigh. It’s most likely due to over indulging over the holidays, not gonna lie. It’s small so I’m hopping I can make it throught the next two and a half months! If not I’ll be one pair of pants short!

Today I thought I’d show you a couple of recent additions I had mentioned in my Updated Capsule Wardrobe//Sale Finds post. This jacket has been so cozy over the past week, there’s nothing better than feeling wrapped up in a blanket while out in the cold. Just letting you know it’s on sale! You can shop the look down below!

Result of a very sunny winter day…

Montreal has been beautiful lately with all the snow and rain. My favorite thing to look at is snow covered trees! Who agrees?