Outfit IV.

Hey everyone! On Monday we had our first snowfall in Montreal! It was SOso beautiful. And, I learned that Nelly loves the snow. She’ll run around the park in circles trying to eat all of the snowflakes. At first I thought maybe she would be cold (she has very short hair) but she pulls and runs even faster to keep warm which is quite unfortunate for me who’s on the other side of the leash. Today I want to share with you my favorite outfit combo from this week. I’ve always loved pairing nylons under shorts. I find it quite classy. Hope you enjoy!



My hands were freezing after throwing all that snow.


Turtleneck knit: Topshop

I got this sweater last season and it’s still in great condition. In fact, I feel as though it’s getting better with time. When I first bought it it was a stiff knit. Now it’s soft and you can pull it off being tucked into anything high waisted. I find it super easy to pair with anything. Definitely a staple in my wardrobe.

High waisted black shorts: Zara

I don’t think I’ve ever worn these shorts in the summer. They look better layered with nylons underneath. You can’t tell from the photo but at the front there are two fake pocket flaps and on the back there are two horizontal slits to create the illusion of pockets. These would be great at a Christmas party with a sequin shirt and heels!

Nylons: Joe Fresh

I’m very impressed with the quality of Joe Fresh nylons. Nylons are tricky. I can never find a pair that lasts long. I’ve worn these ones maybe 8 times already and there are no runs or holes.

Boots: Aldo

By now you all know about my favorite Aldo boots. But…if  you’re new  to my blog check out my October Top 6 post to find out more.

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