On my Mind III.

You know how some months you feel super motivated to declutter, clean & organize your whole life? Yep, that has been me for the past couple of weeks. Other than Christmas (two more months people), everything below has been on my mind.

  • As you may have seen from my Fall Capsule Wardrobe blog post, I was a major online shopper. I subscribed to emails lists of every store I bought from or that I thought I would in the future. It had always been in the back of my mind that I should unsubscribe and delete some of my 10000 e-mails, embarrassingly this number is not a joke. Ever since completing my degree I find myself having lots of free time, I decided it was time to take action. When doing the Capsule Wardrobe Experiment you’re not supposed to shop for 3 months so I thought that this was the perfect opportunity to unsubscribe from the hundreds of tempting e-mails that pop into my inbox everyday. I spent two hours unsubscribing  and deleting e-mails from clothing and home decor companies even the ones I had once bought from. I don’t know about you but I never delete my e-mail. I open them and let them take over my inbox (is this some form of hoarding?). Two hours later my inbox was at 9000. I had only deleted 1000 e-mails, this is obviously going to take a lot longer than expected!
  • To prevent myself from shopping, I have created a list of what I need to buy before Christmas. I wrote this list on my phone, my agenda and notebook. By doing this I will focus on my list instead of splurging on something unnecessary. Now that my Capsule Wardrobe is complete until December 1st (Updated Capsule Wardrobe coming soon) my list focuses on things for my apartment that would be useful before we entertain around Christmas time, like a dinning room table, bar cart and nice flatware. So far this list has worked! I recently bought some nice flatware instead of a beautiful knit sweater that was identical to one I already had.
  • I kind of touched on this subject in my Favorite Red Lipsticks blog post but I did a major clear out of my makeup, bath & shower products. First off, it feels amazing to declutter. I could not believe how many shampoos I had? I guess it makes sense, before living with Ryon I had a set of shampoos at my place & his place. And during the move I remember not being to find them, so I bought even more. Anyways, I made a pile for friends & family, shampoos to keep and if they were nearly empty I threw them out. I did this process for makeup, shower gel & moisturizers too. By laying everything out I realized that I don’t need to step foot in the pharmacy for at least a month or two. My pile for friends & family is taking up quite a large portion of my apartment so if you’re running low on shampoo let me know! As for makeup, I have received so many samples from Ipsy (I’ve recently unsubscribed) that I could use but I just don’t. Ten mascara samples are sitting in my makeup drawer yet I still find myself buying new mascaras every couple of months. My goal is to use up all the makeup that I have before buying new.

Overall these last couple of weeks have felt great. Letting go of stuff is hard but is necessary! What are your tips on decluttering?

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