On my Mind II

Good morning everybody! It’s a rainy Saturday morning here in Montreal. So I’ve decided to do a mini life update. This morning I made pancakes yet again (I can’t get enough of them). If you haven’t seen my pancake recipe click here! On another note you may notice that the layout of my blog has changed! This was actually a mistake haha. I accidentally changed the theme and when I went back to my regular theme it didn’t go back to normal. I actually like this layout in the end, I find it clean and simple. What do you guys think? 🙂

  • So me and Ryon are officially unpacked (but we still have boxes everywhere)! The move was ok. We had rented a truck for 6 hours thinking it would be enough. In the end we had enough time but we were rushed. Just a piece of advice to anyone moving, if renting a truck and doing two moves you’ll probably want more that 6hours. I went to go pick up the truck at 11AM. I was SO nervous because I had never driven a truck before. I ended up missing a turn and had to do a u-turn in a Tim Hortons parking lot which was interesting… Once we were done the move Ryon and I got back into the when all of a sudden the car wouldn’t start. We were SO tired. In 6 hours we had moved out Ryon from his second floor apartment, me from my second floor apartment and moved all of our stuff into our 4th floor apartment and now the truck wouldn’t start? I was on hold with Uhaul for literally an hour. No one showed up for 4 hours. All we wanted to do was sleep:( It turns out the battery was dead so a tow truck came and boosted it. On top of all of that and the bad experience we had with Uhaul, we had to drive the truck back at 10:30PM. After that crazy hectic move I told Ryon that we’re not moving for at least another two years. I’m planning on doing another A Glimpse into my Apartment once we decorate and fill the space up. But I’m planning on doing a couple of sneak peaks on my Instagram so follow me if you’re interested!
  • In my last On my Mind I post I talked about my fear of needles and having to do a blood test. I left it to the very last minute (it took me a year to go) BUT I DID IT! I went on Thursday morning at 6AM. Since I was one of the first ones at the hospital I didn’t have to wait very long meaning I didn’t have time to let myself get nervous. I had mentioned to the nurse that I’d never done a blood test before. She was very nice and just talked to me about life to distract me. I turned my head away and surprisingly it didn’t hurt one bit. Next time it’ll be a piece of cake! Bring it on!
  • I have officially registered for the half Montreal marathon in September! Before I started training I made sure to get myself a good pair of running shoes so I went to The Running Room. They are SO knowledgable there. They make you walk and run barefoot to see if you pronate or over-pronate. Then they go into the back and choose dozens of shoes for you to try (it kind of remind me of the first Harry Potter movie when Harry needs a wand haha if you know what I mean)! Again with each pair of shoes they will watch you run and walk and tell you which ones are best. I’ve decided to do a 12 week plan made by The Running Room. The other day I did 4K (I had to a walk a bit at the end not going to lie). Running has also motivated me to eat healthier! After a run, the last thing I want to do is fuel my body with junk. Today I have to do a 3K. I wanted to wait for it to stop raining but I don’t think it’s going to. But you never know, it could be raining on race day, so it’s good practice!

My new babies 🙂

  • Unfortunately yesterday I received some bad news. It has changed my perspective on life and made me realize how fragile and delicate it can be. It has also made me want to make sure to appreciate and love every single person important to me because you never know what could happen.

Thanks for reading.