On my Mind I

Hey guys! I’ve decided to do mini life updates// whats on my mind posts just to let you know bits and pieces of whatsssss goin’ on, because why not? So here it is! And I apologize for posting a day late:(

  • Lately I’ve lost my drive to workout. I work 6/7 days of the week and the last thing I want to do after or before work is workout. The restaurant I work at has three floors which is extremelyyyy tiring. So yes, I get regular cardio but I feel very weak. When I was young working out was super easy because I was part of so many teams now my fitness level is not my priority at all. I figure that if I have something to work towards maybe I’ll take working out more seriously? SOOOO I have decided to run a half marathon in September! AH! I’m really excited to have a goal and something to work towards. Diet is a very important part of training for this. With working in a restaurant I don’t always put the best things in my body. I’m not complaining that I’m uncomfortable with my body image or anything, my point is I simple just don’t FEEL good. SO my goal for the rest of the summer is to reallyyyyyy cut back on the junk and have some will power (as my momma would say)!  Whenever I’m home I eat very healthy. But since I’m at the restaurant 6/7 days its hard to bring meals from home, resist the delicious food at the restaurant, and resist what my boyfriend cooks for me. Let me know if you have any tips to stay motivated!
  • I’m moving in A WEEK AND 5 DAYS. *%=#. And…I have not started packing. The more I think about it the more stressed I get AND the more I procrastinate. What a vicious cycle. Like what I was saying about working out, the last thing I want to do after//before work is pack. Other then the fact that I haven’t started packing, I am extremely excited to move!
  • A fear that’s been on my mind is getting my blood test done. I know it’s super unhealthy but I haven’t had a blood test since I was a baby. My doctors appointment is next month and I’ve had A YEAR to have it done but I keep putting it off. I’ve always had a major phobia of needles. Last month I overcame the dentist. I had some cavities and they froze my mouth a number of times with needles. Does anybody have any advice on how to deallllll with this blood test? I feel like I’m freaking out over nothing but I can’t help it 🙁


  • I feel you on these! Working in a restaurant is exhausting and I stopped working out as well. I think it’s really important to make effort to eat healthy and sleep enough at times when you’re burnt out. Those things will definitely give you more energy and make you feel better overall.
    I’m also terrified of getting blood tests because I’m always scared of the results. It’s still best to bite the bullet and get it done. It’s better to know if you need to change something than to wait until you get really sick. Just don’t look at the needle when it’s in your arm! It always makes me so queasy

    • It’s nice to know someone feels the same. I find it extremely hard to maintain a balanced sleep schedule when some nights you’re ending work at 3AM and sometimes you start at 11:30 AM. Sometimes I end up sleeping in until 4pm, I hate it because I don’t feel productive and I feel as if I’ve missed my whole day. As for the bloodtest I’m literally having nightmares about it. It’s so bad! But yeah I just gotta do it. I used to be vegan and my doctor was afraid my iron levels are too low. I guess I should find out sooner than later so I don’t get sick. Thanks you so much for your advice, I’ll make sure to not look!!!!

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