New Hair & Skin Products

Happy weekend! Welcome back to my blog! It’s rainy outside so it’s the perfect day to stay in and write my Saturday blog post. I have officially finished university! So as a reward to myself, I decided to have a Sephora splurge. I’ve been using Ouai shampoo & conditioner as well as the Martian skin toner by Sunday Riley for about a week now and so far so good! I’ll tell you all about them.IMG_0238



Ouai Haircare

I had heard good things about Ouai shampoo & conditioner by Jen Atkin so I thought why not. First of all, how nice is this packaging? I’m in love with the rose gold outline around the label and it looks SO nice hanging around the bath tub.This shampoo & conditioner are also quite slim and small making it very travel friendly. Unfortunately I have always had thin & lifeless hair so naturally I chose the volume pair. As soon as I started using Ouai, my boyfriend said that my hair looked ‘pouffier than normal’ which I of course took as a complement. So far this shampoo has made my hair stay clean for three days, which never happens. Because my hair is so thin, it gets oily too fast. The conditioner has been leaving my hair SO SO soft. I had heard very good things about the smell and was surprised to smell that it was similar to a perfume rather then say a fruity or floral scent. It wasn’t what I was expecting but I still love the smell.


Martian by Sunday Riley

I’ve said this many times before but I’ll say it again. I love Sunday Riley. When I saw that she released new products there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t try them out. Of course I wanted to try them all but as you may know her products are quite pricy. I was missing a toner in my skin care routine so I decided to try Martian. Combined with her Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser and Luna Night Oil (which you can read about here in my Skin Care Routine) my skin has never looked better. This toner is different from others I’ve tried. Most toners are a clear liquid, Martian however is more of a gel consistency. Like stated on the package it’s a ‘mattifying melting water-gel toner’. The gel is green and smells very natural, I can’t really find words to describe it haha. I apply one pump onto a cotton pad and then swipe it around my face. It appears as a gel on the cotton pad but feels like water as you spread it on your face. Even when you shake it, you can’t hear water swooshing around, it’s gel. It’s very interesting, and I’m quite puzzled by the formula but I highly recommend it. It’s made for oily to acne-prone skin and from my experience it doesn’t strip the skin of it’s natural oils and does not cause a burning sensation. This toner is alcohol free, alcohol being something that is in too many toners these days.

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