My Reliables, Refills and Repurchases

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend brunch plans! Even though I’ve been doing a lot of baking and cooking lately (prepping for my fall blog posts), today I’ve decided to share with you products that I have repurchased many times or will repurchase in the future. Just curious, is reliables even a word? It is now! I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say, it’s my everyday products that I rely on .


Bioderma makeup remover

By looking at this photo you probably notice that mine isn’t actually empty. That is simply because somehow I have two half empty Biodermas floating around, which equals one empty right? Once I started using this makeup remover I never tried any other. Personally I find it a bit pricy for a makeup remover but when it goes on sale (once in a blue moon) I stock up. So currently, I have 4 hanging around my apartment. They also have a smaller size which is great for travelling.

Lola by Marc Jacobs

This is such a classic scent.  I think it’s probably one of my all time favorite perfumes.I’ve had it around 6 years. I have gone through the large size (the one in the picture) as well as a smaller travel size. Not only does this perfume smell amazing, but whenever I catch a whiff I reconnect with past summer memories. Since I had already purchased it twice I switched it up this year and I am currently wearing Black Opium by YSL and it has been a hit. On a side note, I really want to name one of my kids Lola, I find it so sweet for a little girl! Anyone else agree?

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush

I have tried so many dry shampoos but had a hard time finding one that was light weight for my lifeless thin hair. My hair tends to get greasy very quickly and I rely on dry shampoos so I don’t have to wash my hair every day. Batiste dry shampoo solved all my problems. I go through about a can a month. I use it every second or third day (depending on the state of my hair). I’ve tried the other batiste scents like the tropical one but I keep going back to blush. I like the simple sweet rose scent that stays on me the whole day. This dry shampoo doesn’t leave any white powdery looking residue in my hair (I’m not too sure about brunettes though) and it’s very lightweight so it doesn’t weigh down curls if you decide to curl your hair!

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser

I won’t go too into detail here because I feel like I talk about this stuff ALL THE TIME. If you’re interested in hearing more about this amazing product, check out My Skincare Routine where I go more into depth. All I will say is that anything Sunday Riley is worth purchasing 100000x. It’s worth it. Go check it out. NOW!

3D Crest White Toothpaste

It’s probably a very odd product to include but so what. I’ve gone through two tubes and have seen a noticeable difference in the color of my teeth. Not only do they seem whiter, but they also appear to be brighter. I’m not trying to say I had yellow teeth to begin with but as soon as I started using this toothpaste I had a slight boost in confidence. Obviously it doesn’t happen over night, give it a couple of weeks if you decide to try it.

Consonant Body wash in Scent 002

I haven’t repurchased this yet (I have so many half full body washes that I want to get through first!) but I will. I already wrote about it a few blog posts ago so check out my June Top 6 to hear more about it. This body wash is to die for. If you are a morning shower taker I would highly recommend it. Because of the mint, it wakes you up instantly and you feel SO refreshed. Minty scents are one of my all time favorite body wash scents, it’s what drew me in to Consonant body wash in the first place. But unfortunately I still have several showers to go with crappy body washes before I should repurchase it 🙁

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