My Minimalist and Cruelty Free Skincare Collection.

As many of you know from my last post 2018, I’m making the transition towards a cruelty-free, minimal, organic and natural skincare routine. So far this process has had endless positive impacts. I feel better about what I’m putting on my body because it’s simple ingredients. Some skincare I’ve bought support local causes and others are packaged in recycled containers. Since it’s minimal it prevents me from having to make decisions of what I’d like to use. I’m also saving money and space! These are just a couple that come to mind but the list goes on and on.

I could not believe how much I got rid of when I was preparing for Germany. So I present to you the skincare I kept!

Pai cleanser. I’ve talked about this many times before! In fact, if you’re interested you can read about my first impressions here. I’m on bottle number 3. Personally this cleanser is a bit too heavy for the summer weather, it’s very moisturizing and nourishing but in Winter months it balances my skin’s PH perfectly. This cleanser is vegan, cruelty free and when you buy the smaller size it comes with a free cotton wash cloth!

Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Toner. Before, I was using the Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner. I loved this toner and went through bottles but I was very disappointed to find out that it wasn’t alcohol-free. A couple of moths ago I was having major skin issues all along my jawline. This toner cleared up the congestion immediately. I’ve already bought my second bottle and I’m having it shipped from the United states to Germany. That’s how much I love it. I just apply it with a cotton pad right after washing my face. If I could recommend anything from this list it would be this toner!

Lush Rose Jam body wash. I have extremely sensitive skin, and the biggest problem I have with body wash is that I would be itchy afterwords. Ever since I switched to natural skincare I’ve really noticed the difference. Instead of having a flaky layer over my skin, it is now smooth and moisturized. This body wash has a great floral scent that’s not too sweet. Lush is fighting against animal testing so all their products are cruelty free.

Lush Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion. I can’t stress how important it is to hydrate your skin during the winter season. I love this lotion because when you purchase it, you’re giving back. With every purchase you support The Andando Foundation which works with women to bring the desert to life through solar-powered irrigation. It’s also made with up to seven sustainable Lush fund ingredients supporting ecosystems, farming and community projects.

Lush ‘Big’ Shampoo. Shampoos with chemicals strip your hair’s natural oils. This is the first natural shampoo I have tried and I’m in love with it.  I went from washing my hair every second day  (which is not good for the health of your hair) to washing 2-3 times a week max. I was surprised as to how little you need! A little goes a long way. The natural ingredients are less harsh on your skin and the environment. It’s packaged in a black pot which is interesting. I just make sure I dry my hands as much as possible before using to make sure that I don’t water it down. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can bring the pot back and refill it so you don’t end up wasting plastic.

I read once that it if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin! A bit extreme but it makes sense! I’m still in the search of a good natural cruelty free deodorant. Please let me know if you have any recommendations for any other natural products!

  • Reeni Geiser

    I am always looking for more options in my skincare routine so thank you for these! 🙂

    • Samantha Hunt

      No problem, glad I could help 🙂

  • i’ve been wanting to try that thayers toner since forever! will probably get it once i’m done with my simple soothing toner x

    Erin Azmir

    • Samantha Hunt

      Let me know how it goes! 🙂

  • I love toners so I definitely need to try this one out!

    • Samantha Hunt

      Yes! It’s the best! They also have many different ‘flavours’ to choose from 🙂

  • Abby

    Love that toner soo much, I use it everyday! I’m gonna check out that cleanser now!