My Makeup Collection, What’s left: Lipstick Edition

As some of you may know I did a huge clear out. I thought I would share with you what lipsticks I have decided to keep and have to use up before purchasing new ones. As I was setting up this display of my lipsticks I managed to get rid of another 7! I gave myself a pat on the back of course. I have been using the same three red lipsticks for about a month now. And I’m almost done all of them! As explained in a recent post My Favorite Red Lipsticks, once I’m done one out of the three lipsticks I will add a new one into my everyday makeup bag. This prevents me from not knowing what color to wear. Obviously I have a lot of lipsticks but choosing from 3 is a lot easier from choosing between the 18 that I have. This will also allow me to actually use up lipsticks. I don’t think I’ve ever finished one. It will also allow me to find out which lipsticks or brands I love and that I would want to repurchase.

Most of my lipsticks and glosses are from Ipsy, so they’re sample sizes. Hopefully I can go through some of them fast!


The Reds


I did a blog post of the first three reds here. See My Favorite Red Lipsticks to hear all about ’em.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Amsterdam (01)-I kept both my NYX lip colors because overall I just love NYX products. They’re SO affordable for the quality. I realized there seems to be a lack of matte products in my lipstick collection so they’re definitely worth keeping!

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Bordeaux (124)-This lipstick completes any 90’s outfit. It is really dark. A little goes a long way. Sometimes I’ll put the tiniest bit on my lips and smooth it over with my finger so the color doesn’t appear as intense.

The Bright Corals


Mellow Matte Lipstick in Electro-Although I’ve never worn this lipstick out of the house (it is very bright) I think it could look good if I ever go on vacation and have a tan. I have to say, 10/10 for packaging!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Ibiza (17)-This color is so gorgeous, but it tends to be a bit too bright on me (especially in the winter) but it’s worth keeping until summer!

Tarte LipSurgence Lip Cream in Wonder-Not too sure why I classified this one as a bright coral. It’s a couple shades darker than bright coral. It smells like peppermint which is my all time favorite scent for beauty & bath products…so I obviously had to keep it.

The Berry Tones


Maybelline (not sure of the range) in Blissful Berry (410)-I kept both berry lipstick/lipgloss because it’s all I had! Why don’t I have more? Anyways, this lipstick is a classic, I can wear it in any season, one of my favs! It’s very easy to layer if you need to reapply.

Hikari Lipgloss in Merlot-I find the darkness and the glossyness of this lipgloss adds so much volume to my lips. It’s a very stunning color. To me, this color screams Autumn. I love pairing this lip color with a rusty orange or an army green clothes. It does stay very sticky on your lips so avoid on windy days!

The Pinky Nudes


NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien-Similar to my lip color, so doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard with a bright color. It goes on like butter but can stay put for a long time. Adds a nice glimmer (is that a word?) and shine.

Nude Stix Lip & Cheek Pencil in Mystic-Very simple, can tone down a crazy outfit or a dramatic eye. It has the same consistency as Rikugien by Nars but with more of a mauve undertone. It’s very effortless.

Rimmel London by Kate in Rosetto (105)-Even though I have so many lip products the same color, I kept this Rimmel one because of the texture. The lipsticks in the Kate range are SO moisturizing. Perfect if you suffer from dry lips!

Model Co. Lip Lacquer in Morroco-As you can tell, I only have a couple of wears left. I really like the formulation of this product. Its very glossy and moisturizing. It doesn’t add a lot of color to your lips, the color is quite sheer. So it leaves your lips shiny with a very light tight. It also smells like strawberries 🙂

Marc Jacobs Lip Cream in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (216)-I kept this in my collection because it is the longest lasting lipstick that I have. I can put this lipstick on at the start of an 8 hour shift and I won’t have to reapply it. Now that’s dedication, thank you lipstick.

…And Some More Pinky Nudes


Both Revlon Lipcolors have their own blogpost. Check out Rosey Posey… to find out more about them.

Trust Fund Beauty Lipgasm Liquid Lipstick in K, Bye-When I first received this in my Ipsy I thought it was for sure not going to suit me because it looks like such a pale pink. The consistency of this is really cool! It looks like you’re wearing a matte lip but it feels so glossy! I would highly recommend using a lipliner with this one, it tends to spread a little 😛

P.S How many times can I say lipstick? I never want to type the word again!

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