My Birthday Weekend

Hello everybody! Thank you for the birthday wishes! First of all I would like to thank all of you because my blog has hit over 1000 views! I know that’s not a lot to some people but I didn’t think I would get that many in the first place. So on Friday I turned 23. Honestly I hate the number 23. Maybe it’s because I’m weird with uneven numbers? Or it could be the fact that 22 is my favourite number. When I watch TV the volume has to be on an even number or a multiple of five. It bothers me if not! I know, I’m a weirdo. Usually I get very sensitive on my birthday but I think the fact that I got away and was on vacation helped me get my mind off it.

Ryon and I rented a car and drove up to his Aunt’s country house on the Friday. There was a bit of traffic so it took us 2 hours. The country house was situated on Lac L’Achigan near Saint Hippolyte. It was SO beautiful up there. Not gonna lie, I was soooo lazy this weekend. All I wanted to do was nothing. I didn’t take many pictures. But I will post the ones I have.  We brought Nelly which didn’t work out so well. There were 4 other dogs there which made it kind of hectic. I had lots of fun though! We went wake-boarding, had bonfires at the beach every night and ate amazing home cooked meals. I was surprised with a cake (yum) which was delicious!

image (1)imageIMG_2998IMG_3001


Here are a couple of goals that I would like to accomplish in the next year:

  1. Follow through with my blog! Basically I want to keep at it every Tuesday and Saturday. So far I’ve been loving every minute of it 🙂
  2. Furnish my apartment! I know a lot of you are are waiting for another A Glimpse into my Apartment. I’m still missing a couple of major pieces of furniture like a dinning room table and a wall unit. I need to save my money!
  3. SAVE MY MONEY. I’m either wearing my money or eating it. I would like to break this habit (I know 2 & 3 are contradicting each other, life’s all about balance ladies and gentlemen).
  4. See more friends. Ever since moving downtown and meeting Ryon I’ve lost connection with a lot of my old friends. I admit it. I met my boyfriend and left everyone out of my life. I’m one of those people, but I don’t want to be, I swear!
  5. Stay fit. Yes I’m working out like crazy right now. But will I keep it up in the winter? Realistically NO. I can try!
  6. Get another tattoo! Because why the hell not.
  7. Give Nelly the best life possible 🙂 Does anyone else think she looks like a cow?
  8. Travel more. I’m definitely a home body. But it won’t hurt to go on small trips here and there! Vacations are healthy.

24 here I come! Thanks for reading! 🙂