Meet Chanel, My New Dog!

Hey everybody! OMG I have such exciting news! RYON SURPRISED ME WITH A DOG FOR MY BIRTHDAY. I can’t believe it! I feel like I’m in a dream! I was so NOT expecting this. He really surprised me and it’s the best surprise ever. I’ll tell you the whole story.

I’ve wanted my own dog for a really long time and I kept bringing it up with Ryon (basically ever since we’ve met). His reply was “a cat would be more ideal” and “a cat would be better for our lifestyle”. But in reality, I never wanted a cat, I’m a dog person. I’m awkward around cats and I can’t help but treat them like dogs which is not the way they want to be treated. The past couple of days Ryon has seemed very stressed as if he was contemplating something. Yesterday he woke up earlier than usual for his day off (1pm lol) and left right away saying he was going to get his “haircut”…very strange if I do say so myself. He usually is the type to wake up slowly, watch TV and lounge around. Nope, not yesterday. Something else I found fishy was the fact that he took a taxi to the hairdresser which is a couple of blocks away. Two hours later so many thoughts ran through my head. I thought something had happened to him. I took a nice long shower to get my mind off it knowing that I was probably over thinking. When I was done my shower I looked at my phone and Ryon was calling me. I picked up and realized that I already had 9 missed calls! Oops. I answer the phone and he says “I have a surprise for you for your birthday, I’m at the SPCA and I have a dog that you need to come meet”. I wish someone had filmed my reaction. I had to sit down and I immediately started bawling my eyes out! I could not believe it! Ever since that moment I’ve felt like I’ve been in a dream. Ryon’s Aunt came to pick me up and brought me to the SPCA to meet Chanel. I saw her from the other side of the road and ran over without looking both ways (don’t do that). She was beautiful. I could tell she was so wise, smart and precious. I told her that I was her new mommy 🙂


With the paper work from her previous owners we found out everything about her. Chanel ( I like to call her Nelly) is a one and a half year old argentina dogo mix. Ryon and I think there’s a bit of dalmatian (she’s polka dotted!) and boxer in her. Since she does look like a pitbull we will of course get a DNA test at the vet and make sure that we get her registered if so. She has this huge black spot in the middle of her back which is so unique. She has never suffered from health problems. So far we’ve noticed that she likes to play catch which is convenient because we live right next to a park. She also LOVES to chase squirrels, nearly ripping my arm out every time haha. She’s toilet trained which is amazing. She does however pull a bit while walking so that’s something we need to work on. The only trick she knows is how to sit. I hope to train her to do more tricks, I’ll keep you posted! She’s definitely coming on my runs with me for exercise. I’m sorry my thoughts are ALL over the place, I’m just so excited and I have so much to say.

Overall this has been the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER. Thank you so much Ryon if you’re reading this. I can’t wait for this weekend. We will be bringing Chanel to Ryon’s Aunts country place and I hope to write a blog post about it. I also can’t wait for Chanel to meet Oats & Barley, my childhood dogs living at my parents house! They’ll have a new friend 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!

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