Meal Diary 03//08//2016

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I would like to share with you three meals that I prepared the other day. And just to let you know this doesn’t involve the many snacks that I ate in between haha. Hope you enjoy!



For my favorite meal of the day I had a slice of multigrain toast topped with spinach and a over easy egg. I also prepared a huge fruit salad made with kiwi, watermelon, gala apple and the juice of one lime. Fruit salads are always my go to when I have an over abundance of fruit! And of course it tastes sooooo delicious. I also had a cup of black coffee which I can’t seem to start my day without!




For lunch I almost always have leftovers from the day before, I never want to let anything go to waste and trust me, pizza is even better the day after. So for lunch I had a slice of Hawaiian pizza (hey, it’s not my fault I live down the road from the best pizzeria ever), leftover potato salad my parents made and a handful of spinach to make myself feel better haha. Oh well, life’s all about balance.



Whenever I have time, I usually like to make a big healthy bowl for dinner. So this bowl contains a handful of spinach, sliced cucumber, tomato, olives, boiled and chopped sweet potato, veggie sausage and chia seeds. If your looking for something a bit more filling adding quinoa or brown rice is a great option!

If you have any ideas for meals let me know! I’m always willing to try something new! Thanks for reading!

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