May Top 6

IMG_8592Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog. Thank you for all of your support, it means a lot! Today’s blog post will be apart of a series in which I plan on posting every month. It’s about my 6 favourite items I’ve loved within the month of May. This month I definitely did way too much shopping, my bank account is suffering but hey, you only live once! I personally love shopping in areas I’ve never been before. I went away for a week to Sudbury and Ottawa and couldn’t help but wander into cute boutiques and check out the outlets.

My first and for sure my favourite item I got on my trip is this bag by Pixie Mood which is a cruelty-free and vegan friendly backpack. I stumbled into a shop called Dream Weaver on Richmond Road in Ottawa. This street was super cute full of cafes and shops (it reminds me of Monkland street in Montreal!). This bag is exactly what I was looking for in summer. It’s this beautiful pale grey-blue colour that personally goes with anything I wear. Its a backpack but there’s also the option of pulling the straps upwards where it converts into a shoulder bag so it’s oh so very versatile. I’ve always been a huge fan of the Montreal based company Matt & Natt and as soon as I heard that Toronto had also started a cruelty-free, vegan freindly company I thought to myself why not give it a try, and so far I’m loving it!

IMG_8598After finishing my bottle of Lola by Marc Jacobs after having it for 5 YEARS it was time for me to look into new perfumes. I’ve never been into spicy smelling perfumes until I smelt Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. It also has a very subtle scent of jasmine which is my all time favourite scent. I literally can’t stop smelling my wrist, I love it so much! Although it seems like a wintery or fall scent I personally find it’s been working for the lovely summer weather we’ve had in Montreal.

IMG_8596As soon as I heard that NYX had opened a little section in the Pharmaprix’s in Montreal I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try out some new lip products. I bought these two shades Amsterdam on the left & Ibiza on the right with summer in mind. In all honesty I didn’t like the colours at first, I found them way too bright. As soon as I got a tan though it’s literally all I’ve been wearing! These soft matte lip creams stay on for hours, smell amazing and don’t dry out your lips like most matte products. I also love the fact that its a twist top with a wand. I’ve had too many lipstick caps fall off in my purse resulting in a damaged lipstick and a messy purse.

IMG_8595My next favourite is this charentais and jasmine no.10 candle that I got from Homesense by DW home. Candles can be quite pricy especially if you are as obsessed as I am but Homesense is the place to go. This candle though is no joke the best smelling thing in the world and the quality is amazing. I can actually smell it from my kitchen when it’s lit in my living room. You might be asking, what is charentais? Apparently it’s a french melon similar to cantaloup, I had to google it haha. Now think of jasmine mixed with cantaloup, hopefully this gives you a better idea as to what it smells like:)

IMG_8583The item of clothing I’ve been wearing all month (I wash it don’t you worry) is this romper from Aritzia. This romper is so versatile. I can wear it with a a striped shirt and sneakers or it can easily be dressed up with a pair of sandals and a bralette. It has adjustable straps which I imagine is very handy for those with a long or short torso. Immediately when you feel it you can tell it’s good quality and will last all summer long.

IMG_8559Last but not least are these amazing Nike’s that I got at the Nike Tanger outlet in Ottawa. I got them for only 50$! I’ve literally been living in these not to mention I HAD to wear them as soon as bought them and ditch my other shoes. I’ve always loved a good sneaker, especially while living in the city. Because I walk to the metro everyday as well as do my groceries by foot sneakers have always been a definite must.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my June Top 6 🙂

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  • That is the prettiest backpack I’ve ever seen. I’ve been looking for a small backpack for school since I have back problems and can’t carry a shoulder bag. It’s hard to find one that doesn’t look all awkward but I guess the words “fashionable” and “backpack” don’t often go together…

    • Pixie Mood is a great option. Check out Matt and Nat’s website too, I feel like they may have more backpack options. I have two backpacks now and they’re totally worth it! My Matt and Nat one lasted me all through university carrying all my heavy books and a laptop it’s still in tiptop shape. They’re really good quality. I highly recommend!

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