Lufa Farms



Welcome back to my blog! I hope you are enjoying it so far. Today I would like to talk to you about a Montreal based company called Lufa Farms and show you what I received in my basket this week. Lufa Farms grows produce on rooftops of cities making use of the space. they are also connected with many local montreal farms. Their website is basically an online grocery store. Each week they create a 30$ basket for you full of fruits, veggies, bread, meat, dairy all from local farms. Once your basket is made you can remove or add anything else that you like. It is slightly more expensive compared to the grocery store but I live in the city and I’m supporting local farms, something that’s pretty hard to do when you don’t live close to any. Each week you have the option to go pick up your basket or have it delivered (5$ extra, not bad at all). Depending on where you are located in the city depends what day they can deliver to you or pick up your basket. I can pick up my basket every Tuesday. It is scheduled, very organized and is ALWAYS super fresh! Bonus-some of the fruits and veggies are packaged in really cute cardboard boxes which are great for organizing your fridge 🙂


Raspberry Chocolate Bread


Beansprouts & Chives


Medjool Dates