Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe-Tips & Must Haves.

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. I’ve just been having a lazy day wearing comfy clothes and sorting my loungewear for this post. A separate loungewear capsule is a must. It’s important to have a section for clothes that you go out in and a separate section for clothes that you wear around the house and find comfort in. Most items in my loungewear drawer come from my actually wardrobe. There are always a couple of items you buy but don’t feel comfortable leaving the house in (but they’re super comfy so you need to keep them).

Yes, those are Nelly’s legs in the background…


  1. Keep loungewear separate from the rest of your wardrobe-My loungewear is in a drawer and my capsule wardrobe hangs in my closet. It’s important to have a wardrobe that you associate with work & productivity and another to associate with comfort & home. If everything was mixed it would be overwhelming to find something to wear. Also, by keeping both wardrobes separate you can see what you’re missing from each.
  2. Once at home change into your loungewear-This will ensure that your daily clothes stay in good condition. With all the cooking and cleaning you do at home it’s better to not take a chance. You don’t want to risk spilling spaghetti sauce down your favorite blouse!
  3. Do separate laundry-Random, but it’s a lot easier to do a load of all your loungewear instead of both wardrobes. You can just fold all your loungewear and pop it into the drawer. If you were to mix it would be more time consuming to alternate putting your clothes away in your closet and drawer.
  4. Only keep pieces you love-It’s always nice to feel put together even when you’re not going out. I wear everything in my loungewear drawer. I have stuck with a very uniform color palette so everything goes together easily. Mostly white, pastel and grey. I love everything.





Comfy Cargo pants-1


Long sleeve-1


Long cardigan-1


Comfy socks-3


This is what works for me. Obviously if you work at home maybe you need more. And if you’re never at home you probably don’t need as much as I do.

You can shop everything down below! If I couldn’t find the exact piece (or color) of clothing I’ve linked something similar.


Ugg slippers, or any slippers for that matter. Ryon was kind enough to get me a pair for Christmas and Oh. My. God. How did I wait this long? I no longer step foot on the floor of my apartment unless my feet are in these slippers. They’re so warm but your feet don’t over heat because the back is open. I highly recommend.

Onesie. I live in my onesie. Can’t go a week without washing it. When the clothes in my loungewear drawer come to their end I will 100% be purchasing another. In fact, I can totally picture my loungewear collection of the future consisting of only onesies.

Bralette. I think you girls can agree with me that the first thing you want to do when you get home is take off your bra. Sometimes though, it’s hard to complete everyday chores without one, which is why I love bralettes. They’re so comfortable, provide enough support and they’re pretty.


  1. Start by going through your wardrobe and pyjama drawer. Make a pile of clothes you no longer wear and either donate them, give to a friend or if they’re ruined throw them away.
  2. Make a pile of clothes that you wear quite frequently but never really leave the house in. Be sure that you love and find comfort in each item.
  3. Do you have a bit of everything so far? If so good! If not figure out what you’re missing. Again whatever you add make sure you love and find comfort in it.
  4. Clear out a drawer if you don’t have an empty one. If some of your capsule wardrobe is in a drawer put it all in the same place like your closet. It’ll be easier to choose an outfit anyway.
  5. Fill up your drawer with your loungewear! Try to place your clothes strategically. You don’t want to forget about something, you want to be able to see everything.

Good luck and let me know how it goes down bellow!