July Top 6


Hey everybody 🙂 July passed by sooo quickly, I can’t believe it’s already August! I automatically have this feeling that I need to do so much before September, but then I realize…I’ll be done school and I won’t be going back! What a weird feeling. I will have so much time on my hand which I’ll be dedicating to work and my blog…and maybe after a couple of months I’ll decide what I’m  actually going to do with my life. So here’s my July Top 6! Wooooo.


1. Cactus Pyjama set from ASOS 

When I saw these on ASOS I decided I couldn’t live without them simply because I love cactuses! This set includes boxer shorts and a sort of open back cropped shirt. They are perfect for hot nights! And who doesn’t love these pastel colors? I am impressed!


2.Calvin Klein Bralette (The one linked is similar)

I’ve been living in this bralette all summer! I like it because it’s different from the classic Calvin Klein sports bra that everyone wears. It’s this muted blue//grey color which looks really nice under a white t-shirt or tank top! I also like to pair it with a low back dress 🙂


2. Denim overalls from ASOS

I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE. I took a chance when I ordered them online. I thought for sureeee they were going to be too big or small, but turns out they fit me perfectly and I couldn’t be happier! I’ve definitely worn them way too much already. The other day when I was putting them on my boyfriend said “you’re wearing them again?”. But hey, you gotta break them in, they’re real denim & therefore quite stiff.

photo (1)

4. Nelly

I feel like all I’ve been doing is talking about my new dog but I can’t not include her in my July Top 6. This past week she’s gotten so much more comfortable around Ryon and I. Everyday we learn something new about her personality. For example, today we learned that she likes to sleep in the closet…interesting. Another trait we’ve noticed is that she has SOOO much energy. I’ve ran with her a couple times this week to try and tire her out and let me tell you, she  makes me run faster than I ever thought I could, which is good for my half marathon training so win win!

photo (2)

5. Duvet cover from Structube

When decorating my bedroom I like to keep in mind that it is a place for relaxation. I like to keep furniture and decorations pure and simple. I also however love adding a pop of color and this duvet cover does just that. It’s completely white with pipping of five different colors to add some pizzazz. It’s been a great accent for my bedroom and I feel as if it’s brought everything together nicely.

6. Netflix’s Stranger Things

If you have Netflix and haven’t seen the first season of Stranger Things yet you need to get on that. It’s soooo good! I am a lover of everything horror. I wouldn’t exactly classify this series in horror but it is a bit scary. It can also classify as a thriller, sci-fi, mystery, supernatural and drama. I highly recommend!

Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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