January Top 6.

Is it just me or has January flown by? I have quite the random assortment of objects this month in my Top 6. Now most of these products//items are Christmas presents so I had about a month to try them all out. I highly recommend each and every one of them. Hope you enjoy! You can shop (mostly) everything down below.


If you like facial massages then this is for you. A jade facial roller is supposed to increase blood circulation to the face, reduce wrinkles & black circles and increase lymphatic flow and help to detoxify and drain. Not sure if what they say is true but I do know that it feels great! The jade stone is cold so it feels refreshing on the face. This not only can be used on your face but on your arms and legs as well. It’s just a nice thing to have. I keep it on my bedside table and usually use it before I go to bed. It’s my favorite color too!


I know I’ve been talking about these for the past month but I thought I’d mention them again. I literally don’t walk on my floor anymore. When I get home I slip out of my shoes and into these slippers. It feels like you’re walking on a cloud!


Now I’ve already raved about Pai in this blog post. So if you’re looking for a new face wash and you have sensitive skin you should check it out.


My sister kindly got me a spiralizer for Christmas along with a cookbook. Honestly because of this tiny kitchen tool I’ve been eating so many more vegetables. Instead of pasta I’ll spiralize zuchini and have “zoodles”. I can imagine this being fun for kids too.


My sister and I have always been lovers of everything Kate Spade. This was a fun and thoughtful gift in my Christmas stocking. I don’t usually buy fun socks but my outfit feels special every time I wear these Kate Spade socks.  On the bottom they say “kick up your heel” which I thought was a nice touch.


Last Christmas I got the green tea body shop range. This year I got the coconut range which I’ve been loving! The body cream is thick and moisturizing perfect for the harsh cold winter. The smell of coconut stays on my skin all day and reminds me of the warmer weather.