How to Waste Less in the Kitchen.

Eliminating waste in the kitchen has always been tricky for me. When I go shopping my eyes are bigger than my belly and I end up buying way too much. The excess would go in the trash. Now that I’m on this minimalist eco-friendly journey, I’ve thought of 5 ways to reduce waste in the kitchen. Heres how:

Bake it! Do you have some black banana’s hanging around? Make banana bread! Black bananas are proven to be better for you because they are easier to digest and higher in antioxidants. Personally I like to bake cookies with overripe bananas and apples using oatmeal as a base. Baking is also a great way to use up nuts and seeds that have been hanging around for a while. Let me know if you’d like the recipe of the picture above!

Throw it in a soup! There’s nothing better than a bowl of hot soup in the winter. Usually at the end of the month when I’ve had my potatoes, carrots and other veggies for a tad too long I’ll chuck them in a soup! The combinations are endless. I’ve created the tastiest soups by doing this.

Keep your cupboard and fridge tidy! Keeping your cupboards and fridge organized is important. It allows you to see what you have and what you don’t. If you’re disorganized, chances are you won’t see that head of lettuce that’s been hiding at the back and it could go bad.

Grocery less! We do a grocery once a week and sometimes we drop into the grocery store towards the end of the week if we run out of something. We do our grocery by feet therefore we only buy what we can carry. This has helped with the over buying!

Make a list! I meal plan at the beginning of each week. This helps me know exactly what I need when grocery shopping. Chances are, if you make a list you’ll stick to it. Your mind will be so set on the items you need rather than what you desire. Works for me! Again this helps with the over buying. Also, your chances of saving money are a lot higher!

Use reusable grocery bags! This is very important! I stopped using the small, clear plastic bags for produce. There’s really no point. Instead I place my produce directly in the cart. As long as you wash your produce, you should be good. Many places sell reusable net bags for produce which is a genius idea. I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

Freeze it! If you have an abundance of fruits, veggies or herbs that are about to go off stick them in the freezer. The fruits are great for smoothies after workouts and the veggies can be used in curries, stews and soups. An ice cube tray is a great way to store fresh herbs. Simply chop the herbs, place in ice cube tray and add water. When you need to freshen up a meal add an ice cube! It’s a great idea since herbs don’t last very long in the fridge. How long do fruits, veggies and herbs last in the freezer do you ask?

Fresh fruit: 9-12 months

Fresh Veggies: 8-12 months

Herbs: up to 12 months

The zero waste lifestyle is something that really interests me but it’s not quite the right time in my life because we’re moving in a couple of weeks. I’d love to slowly transition into it once I move! If you’re currently doing zero waste do you have any tips or tricks? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • When we first moved in together, my husband and I would pathologically overbuy groceries (to the point where SO much got thrown out each week and it made me really sad). I love your point on lists – if we have a clear plan on what we are going to make, the waste get eliminated right off the bat. And TOTALLY support the reusable bags – our town actually taxes us for brown bags. So we now always bring our own and it makes me feel like I’m doing some small things that can hopefully make a difference.

    • Yeah! It’s a bit of a struggle to plan ahead and it doesn’t always 100% work out but you end up wasting less!
      I love my reusable bags haha. I made sure that I bought some that I liked/with a nice slogan so I’d remember to bring them 🙂