Ghost of Christmas Past: My Old Christmas Diary Entries.

I would first like to thank my mom for giving me a diary when I was younger. I can now look back and reminisce about the boys I liked, my thoughts and the fun-filled days that I had. I’ll admit it, I was quite the odd kid. I wrote in my diary often around Christmas time because it was my ‘Journal’s birthday’ and I felt bad ignoring it. Today I would like to share with you a couple of Christmas diary entries from when I was 11 & 12 years old, they are TOO hilarious. I hope you enjoy. What struck this idea was Lena Dunhams ‘Not that Kind of Girl’. It’s the book I’m currently reading and the way it’s written reminds me of diary entries. I know diaries are meant to be private but when I go through mine I find it too entertaining not to share!


December 25th 2004

Today is Christmas, I got really nice gifts including this journal. I love it, but me I always have to remember that Christmas isn’t about presents it’s about Jesus’ birth. Sometime I wonder…what was before the dinosaurs? I’ve always been that kind of person, I always…wonder. Today me and my sister went for a walk around the block and I tested out my new pink bomber jacket that I got for Christmas, it works great, very warm. I’m writing all of this right now on my bed listening to my new CD Hilary Duff. She is my favorite singer. Tomorrow or Monday we are going to visit my relatives that live in Sudbury, I can’t wait to go see all my cousins it will be fun. My grandma and grandpa just moved and I have never been in their house or seen it so I’m excited! I am bringing you! I just had my Christmas dinner it was delicious, we had turkey, stuffing, gravy, carrots, ruddabega and mashed potatoes. For dessert we had a nice trifle that my mom made herself…it was excellent! So far this was the best Christmas ever! Thank you mom, dad, Olivia and Morgan for everything!

December 24th 2005

Eek! Today is Christmas Eve! I can’t wait until tomorrow! This month went by SO fast. Tomorrow is your birthday and I have a present that I’m sure you’ll like. LOL! This was funny…when I was wrapping gifts with my dad (the gifts were for my mom) we ran out of gift tags, so I went downstairs to the furness room to get some more and saw a box…actually two boxes so I opened it and I saw all of the Christmas gifts. LOL! Merry Christmas Eve and happy early birthday!

December 25th 2005-(My Journal’s Birthday)

Happy Birthday! Merry Christmas! Malakalikimoka! I’ll give you your present @ the end. I had a wonderful Christmas and got EVERYTHING that I asked for. I’ll start with my stocking: kinder surprise, big fat candy cane, this cool pencil that I’m writing with now, a glue gun for my project, gimp, an umbrella, deodorant, spoons (lol I got them because sometimes my mom forgets to put a spoon in my lunchbox) and probably some other things that I forgot. Stuff from ‘Santa’: Digital Camera, juicy tub lip gloss box set, 100$ gift card to fairview mall (shopping spree!), Ipod skins, a housecoat, The Third Summer of the Sisterhood (the book) and probably more but I don’t remember. I’ll give you your gift now, here it is! Another year witting in you! Hope you like it! Happy b-day 2 U! Happy b-day 2 U! Happy b-day Mrs. Journal. Happy b-day 2 U. GOODNIGHT.

Did you write in a diary when you were younger? If so, what about?

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