Four Dresses Every Woman Should Own.

Happy New Year’s Eve! I thought it was only appropriate to provide you with my formal wear capsule wardrobe since most people tend to dress up. If you’re new to my blog or are simply not familiar with the capsule wardrobe experiment click here to find out more about it. It’s basically about living a very minimal wardrobe lifestyle. Now…I don’t dress up fancy very often so my formal capsule is quite small. I have four dresses all appropriate for different occasions. They sit at the very back of my closet and save me when I have a last minute fancy event to go to. This collection works for me (I’ve only ever been to one wedding in my life haha) but I’m sure loads of you need more than what I have. Hopefully you can understand my reasoning for having one of each of these dresses!

The Little Black Dress.

I got my first little black dress back in July. This is when I was studying the capsule wardrobe experiment and figured ah, I kind of need one of those. Not gonna lie, I haven’t worn it yet but its my choice for tonight! This dress has two layers; the top crochet and the bottom black material. It has a simple V-neck neckline. The slip underneath only goes to your mid thigh revealing a bit of leg through the crochet. It’s on sale right now at ZARA, the link is below!



The Sequenced Dress (did I spell that right?).

This is a must especially around the holidays. I’ve had this dress for three years now and have worn it to several fancy Christmas dinners and a couple of New Years Eve parties. Plus everyone gets invited to at least one Gatsby themed party within their life. This will come in handy!






Bold cocktail dress.

This dress is perfect for a night out or even a summer wedding. It’s a very classic fit but has a little something something to it because of the bold teal color.








The Midi Dress.

I’ve always found these very awkward. But it’s the dress I wear the most. It’s very professional looking perfect for job interviews and meetings. I even wore this one to my convocation (didn’t think a short dress would be appropriate).  The length can look strange but put some heels on and it makes all the difference! I also recommend these dresses in the winter…they’ll keep you warmer!





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(If the dress is no longer in stock, I’ve linked something similar that I’ve found)