DIY: Flower Pressing & Coffee Stained Paper

Hey guys! So I’ve been feeling a little artsy-fartsy mainly due to the fact that my walls are bare. I do have two prints that I am in LOVE with but there’s a slight problem. I can’t find frames that fit. So while I continue hunting I though a little DIY could fill in the blank space above my couch in my living room.

As you can probably tell from my Instagram account I am flower obsessed. Every two weeks or so I need to have fresh flowers in my apartment. Without them my kitchen table looks lifeless. When they are all wilted I simply through them out. But with this past week I had an idea to use them. Today I will show you how to flower press & make coffee stained paper!

Step 1: Make yourself a cup of coffee.


Step 2: Use your coffee filter and grains to stain thick paper (I used sketchbook paper). Get creative! Let dry for a day or two 🙂


Step 3: Use a big heavy book to press your flowers. Personally I find small flowers easier to press. There’s less moisture so they dry up quicker and flatten faster. Let press for one or two days.


Step 4:Using a glue stick carefully glue your flowers to the coffee stained paper.


Step 5: Display as you wish!


Let me know if you like this post & would like to see more DIY! Personally I find this adds a delicate earthy touch to any room 🙂

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