December Top 6.


As you can see from the picture, this months Top 6 is beauty focused. I had finished up a lot of my samples, makeup and bath products so it was time for a new generation of products! Here’s what I’ve been loving throughout December ♥

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.

As most you know I’ve been going through all my samples and makeup that I already had before purchasing new. I had finished all of my sample mascaras and originally wanted YSL Vinyl Couture (I had a sample and it was the best mascara EVER) but I think they discontinued it? I was pretty upset and opted for Velvet Noir Major by Marc Jacobs. I like it a lot and on my list of top mascaras I would place it right under Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. The main problem I have with mascaras is they tend to leak by the end of day…not with this one! The wand is big and fluffy which personally gives me the most volume. Only down side for me is the size of it. Although it feels heavy and luxurious it’s not very travel friendly and takes up lots of room in my make up bag.

Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash.

I’d only heard positive things about REN skincare and decided to give it a try. It’s all natural, so not made with parabens or any of that bad stuff, it’s important to me to keep chemicals off my skin as much as I can. I really like this body wash, I feel refreshed after using it and it doesn’t dry out my skin one bit. If you enjoy floral scents it’s right up your alley. Only downside for me was the packaging. When I received it some had leaked out. Turns out the top had popped off (probably due to the travel and cold weather) and I had a hard time pushing it back on. It eventually worked like a charm! But now.. the pump stopped working and I still have half the product. I can’t get the top back off the get the leftover product. So would I buy it again? Yes, but only if they change their packaging!

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Oil Treatment.

Now that my hair is colored I decided to add an extra step into my hair care routine and add an oil to keep my hair healthy and moisturized. Again I opted for something that was chemical and paraben free. I bought this from Sephora and while purchasing it didn’t realize that it was meant for frizzy, thick hair…oops (I have the complete opposite, flat, thin & oily hair). I felt dumb and was considering giving it to a friend but thought I’d try it anyway. I must say, it’s been working out great! I apply a dime size amount (little goes a long way) to the ends of my damp hair after every wash. I’ve been using this all through out December and I do notice a difference in my hair. There seems to be not as many split ends as I normally would have with my length of hair. My ends appear to look less straw like and more healthy. And for once I’m not complaining about the packaging, works great haha.

Dermalogica Matte Moisturizer.

If you haven’t read about my skincare routine take a look at it here. If are familiar with it you will know that I’m absolutely in love with Sunday Riley’s Tidal water cream as a face moisturizer. I got it in the Spring and wore it all through out Summer and Fall. Once Winter came around I found it was making me break out and it didn’t seem to interact well with the harsh cold Winter weather. Sooo I decided to resort back to Dermalogica Matte Moisturizer that worked wonders for me last Winter. In the Winter I tend to get dry patchy skin. This matte moisturizer re-texturizes my skin and because it’s matte, it leaves no shininess or traces of oil. So for now, Tidal is in the back of my cupboard and I plan on bringing it back in the summer 🙂

Druide Mint Lemon Toothpaste

Ok, so really random. My dentist recently discovered that I have an allergy to fluoride. This may be too much information but he discovered 8-10 cysts at the back of my throat that arise from fluoride allergies. I would also get very dry around the mouth area whenever I brush my teeth with a fluoride toothpaste even if it never touched my skin (which is another symptom). My dentist recommended this one by Druide and it works great! Your teeth feel just as clean, don’t worry. Only difference is there’s an interesting after taste. It contains bamboo silica (whatever that is) so I’m assuming it’s that. I have to admit it’s a bit strange using an all natural toothpaste when you’re so used to regular toothpaste but I highly recommend it none the less!

Urban Outfitters Nail polish in Stunner.

Now I would never have thought to go to Urban Outfitters for nail polish. But while waiting in line to pay I saw the color Stunner on sale for 0.99$ so I figured why not. It’s surprisingly very good quality! I’m quite picky when it comes to nail polish. I absolutely hate when it chips right away (who doesn’t). I painted my nails with Stunner before Christmas and I’d say about 3/4 of it is still on my nails! The color goes with everything I wear. I like how it adds a subtle muted color to any basic outfit.

I would like to add a toner to my skincare routine. With the harsh winter I feel like my skin needs an extra cleanse. I have dry, sensitive skin. Comment down below if you have any recommendations for an alcohol-free toner!