Cream Eyeshadows You Need to Try…

Hello readers! First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for the HORRIBLE lighting of my pictures. Unfortunately I took these photos at sundown resulting in a golden light. I also wanted to make sure the colours were true so I had to edit them on top of that. So again I apologize for the pink//orange undertone. Please ignore.


Now, lets get back on track. As you can see from the title, I would like to share with you the cream eyeshadows that I enjoy wearing. Having sensitive eyes I find it quite difficult to wear powder eyeshadows. When I purchased the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette  I was disappointed when I found out that it irritated my eyes (however it doesn’t stop me from using this beauuuuutiful palette). Cream eyeshadows tend to stay put all day without letting powder fall into your eyes which is better for my sensitive eyes. But this is just my opinion, I’m sure many of you enjoy powder eyeshadow! I also find cream eyeshadows superrrr easy to blend. If you are like me and find powder eyeshadows a bit of a hassle then take a look at my recommendations for all price ranges 🙂


World Famous Neutral’s by Benefit


Birthday Suit by Benefit

My first and favourite cream eyeshadow I have ever used is from Benefit’s World Famous Neutrals called Birthday Suit. I have worn this for literally a year straight as a part of my everyday makeup routine. This shade is the perfect neutral for a no-makeup look. It adds just enough shimmer to make you look awake and stays put ALL day. This eyeshadow is the reason why I am exploring new cream eyeshadows .


My Two Cents by Benefit

Although this shade looks exactly like Birthday Suit, it’s slightly more copper. I would usually use this in the evening and blend it with another color. Again the formula of these are soso great and they are easy to apply.


Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bronze Truffle

This Maybelline Color Tattoo was SO much better then I though it would be. I bought this to replace Birthday Suit since it’s almost done. Now I find myself reaching for this most days! I recommend this if you’re in a rush or don’t have much time to do your makeup. It’s easy to swipe on your lids, blend out and bounce. I’m eager to try their other colors.


Gosh Mineral Waterproof Eyeshadow in Green (original haha)

Again the lighting looks horrible! This eyeshadow by Gosh is actually an earthy-army green shade. I’m not too sure if its actually waterproof yet (I haven’t cried with it on haha) but from the formula I can tell that it probably is. It almost reminded me of a crayon when applying it to my eyes. I had to push quite hard and apply many layers for the color to show. Overall I’m very happy with this. The colour is super pretty. Compared to other eyeshadow creams it’s firmer.


Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Amethyst

The first time I applied Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick I put WAY too much. It’s sooooo potent, so a little goes a long way! I love this muted purple color for brown eyes, I find it compliments them really well. There is a wide selection of other colors too! It’s definitely on the pricey side but it’s worth it.


Clinique Chubby Stick in Biggest Blossom

The picture seems to be a lot darker but in real life Biggest Blossom is more of a rose-gold (more on the rose side). Clinique has the choice between satin or shimmery. This is offered in satin so it’s a different consistency compared to the other cream eyeshadows in this post. I would never wear this color by itself (for its not really flattering on my skin color) but it looks great blended with a color like birthday suit!

Let me know if you have any recommendations for cream eyeshadows or a powder eyeshadow that doesn’t irritate your eyes 🙂

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