August Top 6

Happy Tuesday! So it’s the end of the month which means it’s time for me to share the top 6 things I’ve been loving. As I was choosing, I realized that these objects pretty much sum up my Instagram for the last couple of weeks, so sorry if you’re seeing double!


Anthropologie kitchen towels

When I saw these in Anthropology I couldn’t not get them, especially because they were on sale. Personally I love having a white kitchen because it lets me play with color depending on the season. I thought the towel on the left felt very summery where as the orangey-red one on the right is more autumnal. I’ll be honest, they don’t exactly dry your hands the greatest, but they do look nice when you have people over!


Anthropologie gold tea light candle holder

In my kitchen I have two cute shelves. The top one is where I place my cook books and on the bottom one I wanted to add a bit of decor. SO I added this little trinket and it compliments the space beautifully! I like the gold and copper metallic together. This could also be a great jewelry holder or a plant terrarium.

Urban outfitters nail polish in butter

As autumn approaches I’ve recently been into nude & pastel colors. I purchased this color a long time ago and not sure if they still have it. But this is the perfect purple nude that looks good with everything!


Weekly Planner

I have an agenda which I use for my work schedule, appointments and my running schedule. But when I add all of my blogging ideas and things I need to do in there as well it gets a bit hectic. Which is why I bought this week planner just for my blog stuff. I like the simplicity of this planner, it’s not too busy so it doesn’t distract you from what you gotta do! I feel like stationary is something you have to be carful with buying because a lot of it after a certain amount of time becomes useless. So far it’s been great! At the bottom there’s also a shopping list which I find useful when writing a blog post on a recipe.

Bino Water Bottle

This was the most random purchase of the month. I’m really tired of getting thirsty when I’m out and buying plastic water bottles. I figured it was time to help save the environment and buy a reusable one. What drew me in was the look of it. It’s one of my favorite colors and I like the triangle design on it. I love this water bottle and have been using it loads but the only downside is that it’s a very wide screw top. So every time I tip it up to drink, water spills out the side. I guess it would be ok if you’re at the gym or on a hike? But it’s been multiple times this month where I’ve been in public and have had wet stains on my shirt as a result of this water bottle. But I still love it 🙂


House & Home Magazine

I haven’t gotten this magazine since Christmas (Ryon stuck 2 in my stocking) and forgot how much I love it! It’s like having a physical interior design Pinterest board. My favorite thing to do these days is to wake up, have a cup of tea or coffee and browse a good magazine 🙂 There’s so much inspiration in House & Home. They also have recipes which look very tasty.

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  • Ok! can I just say; I love this!!!

    Anthropologie is my favorite store in life! I literally could live there, I love all their amazing collectables for the home and this clock is adorable.

    I am curious about that blue water bottle too but I don’t like the wide screw top, I am dealing with that problem with my current water bottle… I guess the search continues lol

    • I could definitely live in there too! I can’t get over their candle selection, SO amazing. It’s hard to leave with out one. As for the clock, I got it from Homesense:)

      • Ohhhh Homesense! What a steal 🙂 I love the candles at Anthropology too they smell like heaven… <3