Travel Diary: Almost Didn’t Make It.

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while. And I apologize for not uploading a helpful packing post like I promised. In my last post I mentioned my trip to France, Italy & Greece. In fact I’m sitting in the airport right now as I write this. But honestly, I never thought I would make it…

Last minute, the plans for where my dog was going to stay while I was on my trip changed & I had to move out of my apartment. So with less than a week until my trip, off to my parents I went…with Nelly. And for literally the 3rd time in the past two months I packed up my life. I knew from the beginning that my parents weren’t capable of taking care of Nelly for 5 weeks. And I would never expect them to. Many friends offered to take her but I knew that it would be difficult with their 9-5 jobs. Lets just say Nelly is…difficult. She destroys things, she’s not friendly with all dogs and she needs a lotttt of attention. But I love her. With my unstable life atm I knew that it wasn’t a good time to go traveling. So I decided to cancel my trip. I was happy that I had bought travellers insurance. But I was stupid. When I called to cancel they told me that I’m not covered for trip cancelation…I started crying on the phone (at least the guy was sweet and felt bad for me haha). I cried, and cried, and cried and cried. I then realized that missing this trip, loosing that much money was not an option. So I managed to find a solution, my sister and parents are watching her for most of the time which I’m very happy about.

For the first time in a while I feel like I’ve dropped everything and I’m just focusing on me. And it feels good! Travelling alone is really making me step out of my comfort zone!