A Second Hand Jacket I Don’t Feel Good in.

First off I’d like to apologize for this post being a day late! Lately I’ve become extremely addicted to my computer, phone and social media. I decided to take a day off from everything. I started my day with some meditation, read a book, and did some yoga. I felt like these three activities helped me take control of the day instead of technology taking control of me. It really set my head straight. Oddly enough, contrary to having a day without technology, the other day I had documentary marathon. I watched ‘Before the Flood’ and ‘The True Cost’. You can find them on Netflix, and I highly recommend both if you’re interested in global warming (and Leo) and where clothes come from. ‘The True Cost’ resided with me because it sums up the way I think about clothing.

I’d like to focus today on a quote discussed in ‘The True Cost’: ‘The way to happiness is through consumption’.

When I think of this quote I think about my jacket. When I bought this jacket I didn’t need it. But I thought why not, it’s second hand and it’s a good deal. At first this jacket did bring me happiness. I loved it in stores. But now that I see these pictures I’m on the fence about it. It got me thinking about the action of buying clothes. First you love it, you then don’t like it or get sick of it and complain that you have nothing to wear. This causes you to buy more clothes. It also has to do with major fast fashion clothing stores having 52 seasons in a year rather than 4. This tricks consumers into thinking that their clothes are constantly going out of style. All of the clothes that we’re buying are having negative environmental and social impacts. So why are we buying so much if in the end it doesn’t make us happy and is negatively impacting our world?

You may be thinking, if you don’t like this jacket, why upload this post? I decided to post it because I think it’s important to be honest and real with my readers. Somethings don’t always work out to your expectations. I don’t like this outfit and I’m okay with it. In this moment while taking these pictures I had an amazing time and that’s what I want to share. Look at this amazing scenery in some random field! It was cool. I can’t criticize that and say, well maybe I didn’t have a good time. I did. And that won’t change.

This post may be a bit all over the place but in the end what I’ve learned is…it’s not about what you buy, it’s about what you experience. Obviously it’s important to buy necessities but instead of saving for the latest iPhone or latest technology I want to focus on what I want to experience. Where do I want to travel to next? This will make me happy.

P.S If I don’t decide to keep this jacket I will donate it don’t worry;)

  • “It’s not about what you buy, it’s about what you experience” SO TRUE ♥️♥️