A Glimpse into my Living Room.

Ever since I could remember I have always been a sucker for interior decorating. When I was young I would always be moving my furniture around every couple of months. I liked the change, it was like I was living in a whole new room. I remember quick trips to Ikea to buy new furniture. I insisted for my brother and dad to put it together right away. And if that didn’t happen I would attempt to build my Ikea dresser by myself at the age of 12 and fail miserably. Now that I’m a bit older and wiser at following instructions (and its no longer Ikea) I’ve put together all of my furniture by myself. My dad got me a tool box last Christmas and it has helped me with every step in the manual. Ryon had also filled my stocking with Magazines like House & Home and I couldn’t of been happier, they’re my guilty pleasure.  If you haven’t seen my blog post A Glimpse into my Apartment from a couple of months, go check it out now. You can see the difference between my new place and old place and how my taste has changed 🙂



Coffee table feat Nelly. This is where I keep some magazines and the book I’ve been reading…for a year now lol.



Fairy lights #1. I’m very lucky to live across from a beautiful church! The tree in front of it was incredible in the fall, can’t wait to see what it looks like in the winter!



Yep that’s right, I tied my umbrella tree to my blinds.


Fairy lights #2 & #3.


Don’t forget fairy lights #4.


This is where I keep my agenda and blogpost notebooks 😉



Nelly’s bed  where she takes naps 🙂


Her toy basket. Spoiled, but I love her.


And lastly string # 5.


A couple of my favorite books and an old school camera my friend Livvy gave me!


Books on my list to read or read again (ahem #Girlboss)

Sofa (Similar)-Mobilia

Pillows-House doctor

Bookshelf (Out of Stock) -AllModern

Coffee Table-AllModern

Console (Similar)-AllModern

Overall I am so happy with this space. I feel very relaxed and comfortable in it and the greenery adds a real nice touch! Thanks to my neighbour who decided to travel for a year and give me all her plants! I’m glad that I have put my money towards something other than clothes. I now have what feels like my own sanctuary and it feels very rewarding.

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