A Glimpse into my Apartment

I’m moving in with my boyfriend Ryon at the end of June and I’m super duper excited! We both currently live alone and we’ve been rotating where we stay for about a year and a half now which is a PAIN. Personally I hate having my stuff divided in two places especially when it comes to clothes, can anyone relate? I absolutely love the place I’m living in atm and wanted to share with everyone how I decorated it. I’m excited to have a memory of it (tear), I’m gonna miss it. To be fair, our new place is exactly like the place I have now but sooooo much bigger. I’m really looking forward to it. Unlike many people, I loveeee the thrill of moving. I like to throw away//donate things I don’t need for it gives me this sense of having a fresh start. And who doesn’t like decorating a new space? I like to place everything where it belongs. I LOVE to organize. I know I’m super weird. It’ll be an easy move…two blocks from where I’m living now, yeh.

I only chose a couple of my favourite spots to show you because I didn’t think it was necessary for you to see my bathroom or my dirty dishes hehe. I’ve moved quite a few times in the past 2 years and I am by far the most happiest with how I’ve decorated these spaces. Not gonna lie, I definitely did  a major clean up before taking these pictures. It doesn’t always look like this, trust me 😉

Feel free to ask me where things are from!