A Day with Livvy

Happy Tuesday everybody! Hope you had a relaxing Labour day weekend. Yesterday I hung out all afternoon with my good friend Livvy in Pointe Claire Village. We got some ice cream at Wild Willys and sat by the water. This is one of my favorite places in the West Island, I love the fresh air being right by the water and all of the little shops to explore (although unfortunately they weren’t open yesterday).IMG_1302IMG_1323IMG_1308IMG_1329IMG_1337IMG_1314

I don’t see Livvy very often because she lives in Guelph for school so some catching up was much needed! We stared at the beautiful view all day. We were lucky and had the nicest weather! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to snap some pictures (since we don’t have many together) and because its very picturesque.


We discussed so many things we want to do so stay tuned for some exciting blog posts with Livvy 🙂

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