5 Tips on Running with your Dog & a Bit on the Pitbull Ban

As some of you know, I recently ran a half marathon and on top of that, I recently got a dog. The first week when I got Nelly, I continued training as normal. I soon began feeling soooo bad leaving her behind when I knew she could benefit from running as well ESPECIALLY if you have dog that requires lots of activity. So if you’re thinking of training with your dog here are some good tips!

1. Stay awayyyyy from the headphones.

I know, who doesn’t love to listen to music while working out? But take this time as an opportunity to pay attention to your furry friend. It’s important to hear your surroundings. You want to make sure that you can hear if another dog is close by and listen for cars if you’re both on a busy street.

2.Slow down

If you have a dog that pulls or natural runs a lot faster than you it’s best to slow down. You don’t want to risk falling or hurting yourself. I usually run with Nelly on a short leash and I put my arm behind my back which automatically makes her stay by my side.

3. Avoid parks

Again, this doesn’t apply to all dogs. Nelly gets distracted easily and will try and run to every tree, squirrel or other dog that she sees. So no thank you, I don’t want to risk having my arm ripped out of its socket.

4.Bring  a treat.

If you happen to accidentally let go of the leash or your dog escapes you’re screwed (at least I would be). The best thing to lure them in would be a treat!

5. Go early in the morning or at night

Dogs get HOT. I trained all summer so mid day to afternoon when the sun was at its strongest was the time to avoid. You want this to be a positive experience for your dog so tire them out when it’s cool outside!


On a side note, yesterday Montreal banned pitbulls. Unfortunately Nelly falls into this category. So, for the rest of her life whenever we go on walks, she will have to wear a muzzle. In my opinion, this will create more fear in the public. I already have a hard time socializing Nelly. People make rude comments while walking their dogs saying “no thanks” or even once a man said “my dog doesn’t play with pitbulls”. Anyways, I think this law is disgusting and Nelly will probably never make any doggy friends. Before this ban you had to have your dog registered, which was about 25$. Now because I have a dog that’s banned I have to register her again which is another 150-200$. If I don’t get this permit, Nelly will be put down. Overall I am so happy that Ryon and I saved her. All the pitbulls in the animal shelter that didn’t get adopted will eventually be put down. When we got Nelly, 95% of the dogs in the shelter were pitbulls. What’s your opinion on breed banning?

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