5 Benefits of Thrift Store Shopping.

Thrift store shopping is one of my all time favourite things to do. Nothing beats the feeling of finding something for a bargain! Something that bothers me though is that people hold this thought that buying something previously owned is gross. But if you think about it there’s no difference from buying a dress at any clothing store because chances are  5 other girls tried it on before you bought it. Hotels, movie theaters and airplane seats are all previously used too yet nobody finds that disgusting.

The positives definetly outweigh the negatives when it comes to thrift store shopping, here’s how!

1. You’re helping the environment. Waste is reduced because you’re recycling clothing yay! When you purchase an item second hand it means one less item produced. Producing clothing is harsh to the environment because chemicals and gases are used and created especially for synthetic materials. There’s also a decrease in transportation pollution when your buy second hand!

2. Your bank account will love you. I’ve never bought anything over 20$ at a thrift store. I’ll take buying a 4$ blouse over a new 20$ blouse from a fast fashion store any day!

3. Your outfit will be original. Chances are your friend will not have the same sweater as you. People tend to shop at the same stores because it’s trendy. Having the same outfit as your pal can be avoided!

4. You’re helping support local causes. You’re not supporting fast fashion. Instead you know where your money is going because most thrift stores are connected to a local cause. Value Village pays local non-profits when you donate and sends their unsold items to developing countries.

5. You’ll make friends. You’ll meet people with a similar interest. I can’t tell you how many ladies came up to my friend Livvy and I while we were going through racks of clothes. Every minute they would  suggest to us something to try on.

Here’s one of my favourite items I’ve found from my local Value Village in Montreal…

Vintage ‘Pioneer’ Sweater 7$. This sweater reminds me of a vintage prep school uniform! Despite the fact that it’s a men’s XXL I love it. It’s 100% acrylic which means 100% vegan! It’s great for wearing around the house or tucked into skinny jeans for a casual look. I think it would be interesting to crop it for the Spring and Fall. What do you think?  After purchasing this I’ve noticed that I’ve started quite the collection of white sweaters which means I should  do a clear out of my wardrobe soon!

For all the vegan’s out there! Are you okay with purchasing wool (or other animal products you find in sweaters) if it’s second hand? I’m kind of torn and don’t know what to think. I’d like to hear your opinion!